P1090199When walking around French cities, don’t forget to look up. Somebody might be looking down at you.

Oh, the things they’ve seen!P1090155

This one is wearing a lion skin. Look at that paw on the right.P1090146

And the next window seems similarly dressed, with the paws tied in front. Are those weapons on the left? Even then, women were smooth-faced, while men could have wrinkles.P1090147

This one seems happier, and with flowers, not animal skins. I also like the shutters, with that shade of almost-blue faded gray.P1090148

Sometimes you have to look way up.P1090188

This lady seems to be studiously ignoring the antics of the buffoons on either side of her.P1090168

There will be building after building with no more decoration than the character of their stones and bricks, which, truth be told, is mighty fine in itself. But then a building will have something–or someone–at every window.P1090154P1090155P1090156

Gorgeous railings, eh? They’re called garde-fous, which literally translates to crazy guards. P1090150

The one above was a consulate, hence the barbed wire.P1090175

All the photos are from Toulouse.


20 thoughts on “Stone-Faced in Toulouse

  1. I have only visited Toulouse a couple of times, but was amazed at the “faded grandeur” and all of the stone sculpture. A mini Paris …. well maybe not terribly mini……
    bonnie in the vaucluse

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    1. It definitely feels like a big city, but has that southern laid-back feel at the same time. The grandeur is less faded these days–Toulouse is booming economically.


  2. Some time ago, I started a folder called ‘faces on buildings’ in my picture library – there’s a great deal of architectural detail here! One time a guide in Beziers told me that some of the faces were carved to represent real people, whilst others are purely allegorical – all totally fascinating!

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  3. I was in Toulouse, last Saturday, with my family and I was doing exactly what you wrote about in this post. Unfortunately my photos were nowhere near as good as yours. I was also so busy looking up that I actually fell off the pavement at one point! You can imagine the reaction of my family…

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  4. OH GOSH These are SO WONDERFUL………I WANT ONE!!!!!DO they ever fall off the buildings?The BEAUTY that went into making these structures is DEAD over HERE!The NEW buildings are SO UGLY!!!!!!!!!!YOU should see the latest in San Fran!Looks like a GIANT PENIS!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Do you know of the “Gherkin”–pickle–in London? That’s the polite name for it.
      The other thing about the faces is that they were hand-carved. Art everywhere.


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