living to fireplaceThe very francophile blog Hello Lovely has a feature on our AirBnB rental apartment, la Suite Barbès. Michele, Hello Lovely’s author, has given us a royal spread. I hope you’ll stop by her blog to check it out….and it’s one to subscribe to if you like a steady diet of beautiful interiors. Michele offers up a daily moment of zen with the calm, collected spaces she features. And her positive attitude and warm personality come through her writing. It’s a read I look forward to every day.

bedroom fireplace
In the bedroom of la Suite Barbès.

The direct link to la Suite Barbès on AirBnB is here. And our other apartment, l’Ancienne Tannerie, on the same floor, decorated in the same style, is here. They both have four stars from the tourism ministry!

In the living room of l’Ancienne Tannerie.



18 thoughts on “Bonus! Our Apartment on Hello Lovely

  1. Your apartments are beautiful – a visual tutorial on how to renovate. Like Michelle, I have never been to the south of France. This inspires a visit to Carcassone, tout de suite.

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  2. Merci for the kind shoutout to HELLO LOVELY – such a pleasure to put you in the spotlight, and I’m ready for a visit to Carcassonne! There is something so magical happening design-wise in the apartment with the cool grey combined with rich, warm gold…magnifique! 🙂

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