Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 9.09.24 PMIt is with great honor and reddened cheeks that I learned I was nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by The Vintage Contessa. Who knew!

La Contessa herself is a star, in an allegorical solar sense. She radiates happiness even though she has had some health scares. She either knows or is bound to meet everybody interesting that you can imagine. She is modest but magnetic. SHE LIKES CAPITAL LETTERS.

And, she seems like a ton of fun.

A few local sunrise/sunset shots seem appropriate.

Since her sunny disposition already has received attention, I must whittle down the list to three other bloggers. This is difficult, because I have far more than three. And so, I wrote them down and drew out of a hat. Just to be fair.

But first, questions were asked, and I will be asking some as well. La Contessa asked:


Girl Scout cookies. Thin Mints, especially. I would even go for the knock-offs: Grasshopper cookies. 


This is hard because I have lived in other countries before. The first time was with the Peace Corps in Africa, and I suppose I was terrified of big bugs and of getting sick. Later, I lived in Belgium. By the time I moved to France, it wasn’t very exotic. The biggest culture shock was urban to rural, not U.S. to France. I had always been a city dweller, except for my time in Africa. IMG_02243. Do YOU REMEMBER THE FIRST FRIEND YOU MADE in FRANCE? IF SO ARE YOU STILL FRIENDS? Tell us about the first encounter!

This is a hard one, because we first make acquaintances, and it’s through life that they become friends. The first good friend was at the park. I took my baby to crawl on the grass and there was this woman with a baby about the same age. Of course we noticed each other and started talking. That led to regular—daily, rain or shine—meetings at the park. She taught me so much. The baby she was with wasn’t her own but a foster child. She is a true saint who has taken in so many children. She’s somebody I never tire of talking with, her cassoulet is so good it brings me to tears and she never corrects my verb conjugations. As I said, a true saint.


Family. I was very close to my siblings, despite having lived overseas or very, very far away almost all of my adult life. We can talk all night. When we’re together, I am nearly doubled over the entire time with a stomach ache… from laughing. Sore cheeks and the whole thing. I love them so. 

The other thing I miss is Mexican food. IMG_7129Now the nominees:

Michele of Hello Lovely. The name says it all. Looking at her posts is a kind of zen meditation for me. Immediate de-stressing. Plus, the woman is prolific! She does all this with a smile and oodles of chic, despite having struggled with health issues. That’s sunshine.

D.A. of Daily Plate of Crazy. Again, an appropriate name. D.A. is a gifted writer whose essays are always relevant and thought-provoking. She also has a sunny demeanor besides also facing health challenges. She teaches by example.

Elizabeth of Pinecones and Acorns.  I can gain three kilos just reading her blog, which always features beautiful, delicious recipes. We share a love of France (actually, Michele and D.A. are committed francophiles as well) and of Egyptology. Life has thrown her some lemons, too, and she has made lemonade. Sunshine.IMG_7544I feel guilty sticking to three because there are quite a few others who bring sunshine to my days. The Internet can be a cesspool, but these people restore my faith in humanity. They bring me new ideas and make me smile.

On to the questions for the three (but everybody can answer, too!). Not the Proust questionnaire, though that’s a tempting choice for a roster of francophiles.

1. How or where do you find the joy in each day?

2. Tell us about a happy day of your life—not necessarily the happiest–those tend to be milestones like births and weddings–but just an ordinary day that you look back on as a time of carefree bliss?

3. What is your péché mignon—your guilty pleasure?

4. What piece of advice or wisdom can you share with us? It can be practical or profound.IMG_7545Rules for the Sunshine Award
1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog.

2. Answer the questions given by the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate other blogs and give questions for them to answer.

4. Notify your nominees through social media or by commenting on their blogs.

5. List the rules and display a Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

I hope readers will also enjoy these four writers, whose sunny dispositions come through in their work. And you’re all invited to answer the questions, too, and to name other favorite blogs.IMG_6354



27 thoughts on “Good Day, Sunshine

  1. Congratulations! What delightful answers to your Sunshine Nomination! Thank you for some blog recommendations which I shall be investigating.

    Oh, I splashed out on a second-hand book that jumped out at me this week – “Christ stopped at Eboli” – so your book suggestion has now moved onto The Bedside Pile. I’m labouring through a challenging book at the moment so the pile is moving at glacial speed but, like a baby mammoth, it will work to the top eventually!

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  2. So well deserved, and your answers are fascinating. I thank you for including me on your “short” list (ho ho, says the woman who is 1M50…) ! So very kind of you.

    I am going to have to ponder your questions and my own recommendations of other lovely, fertile, sunny minds over the weekend… There are indeed many thoughtful, compassionate people in the online world. They simply abstain from being the squeaky wheel.


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  3. Félicitations and thoroughly deserved. The strange thing is that I’ve just been nominated, too, and I was intending to nominate you! I’m looking forward to reading your recommendations. Bon week-end!

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  4. I love you AND the Contessa! I missed Mexican food, too, when we lived in France! Such an interesting life you lead!


  5. I know exactly what you mean about the real change being between rural and city. That was the big adjustment for me (in reverse to you). Moving and adjusting to rural France was less of a big deal than moving from rural Australia to London twelve years earlier.

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  6. I STILL MISS MEXICAN FOOD AND I LIVE IN Northern California!Have not found the RIGHT SPOT!I think Mary Ann is posting a MEXICAN DISH MONDAY on her BLOG which she served at lunch last week!DELICIOUS!
    LOVE YOUR PICK………..although I can NEVER leave a comment on PINECONES and ACORNS!SOMETHING A MUCK there with me.I read her Posts and think how can she eat all THAT she BAKES!Her Posts make your mouth water!
    Michele has been through TOO much for ONE PERSON!
    LET THE SUN SHINE ON!!!!!!!!

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  7. Such a well-deserved honor for you from the DIVINE SUNSHINE who is the Contessa. She has such a gift for LIFE GIVING affirmations across a variety of realms. She is absolutely right about the delicious French sunlight streaming from this blog…you really know how to move me with your prose, tales, and synthesizing of all those tastes in the other South of France. I’ll read anything you right, sister. Merci for your kind words and nomination. I’ll check out Daily Plate of Crazy. Elizabeth is a sparkling gem in blogland…I just love her. I’ll work on responses. But truly I would rather continue reading more of yours!!! One has to be neurotic or half off her rocker to blog in 2019 rather than surrender to IG microblogging with the masses…so YAY for old school and *whatever is French for YAY* to sunshine blogger awards! 🙂

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  8. I do not know what happened to my comment here! Thank you so much for the nomination, I realize that you have many wonderful people to choose from and I am honored to be picked from the hat.

    I love blogging although I love reading blogs more than writing simply because of the interesting people I have discovered along the way. It is fascinating to me the lives and adventures behind each blog. I love your answers and am working on mine. Personally I would love to read your answers to the Proust questions. Perhaps a future post?

    Thank you again my friend. I will be posting my answers next week.

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    1. Dear Elizabeth,
      Don’t worry! I so enjoy your blog and above all the graciousness and generosity you apply to it. You are a bright spot on the Internet. I always read, but if I’m reading on my phone, then I don’t comment because that is just too small for me to deal with, between the “keyboard” and the size of the type.


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