moulin skyBlue skies

black mountains 3Smiling at me

view to caunesNothing but blue skies

black mountains 2Do I see….

to carca 2Never saw the sun shining so bright

from moulinNever saw things going so right

to carcaNoticing the days hurrying by

genetWhen you’re in love, my how they fly

black mountains windmillsBlue days

black mountains wheatAll of them gone

black mountains pathNothing but blue skies

black mountains jogFrom now on…

The beautiful lyrics are by Irving Berlin. One of the best renditions is by Willie Nelson. All photos taken on my jog yesterday morning. Life is just fine when this is what one must deal with on a morning run. Three days of perfectly blue skies. And counting.



14 thoughts on “Blue Skies

  1. You are sooo right! Willie’s version is the best. Your pictures also make want to sing a little John Denver . . . Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy . . .

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    1. Oh John Denver! That song “Friend, I will remember you…” we sang at our eighth grade graduation. I was just thinking about my mom and how she remained the kid she was at age 5, and at age 10, but she just layered the other things until she was 90. That 5-year-old kid was still there. Well, John Denver takes me back to grade school.


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