Poppy first of 2016

This beauty popped out just a couple of days ago, the first of many to come.

Yellow is the first color of spring, with forsythia and wildflowers.

Next comes green, first so pale as to almost be yellow, but deepening by the day.

Eventually, the pastels give way to the vivid colors of summer, starting with the corn poppies.

Whole fields of them, just like in Monet’s painting. It won’t be long. The first poppy has arrived.


7 thoughts on “First!

  1. I have a patch of self seeded orange poppies that will be open next week…the seeds must have been in a plant someone gave me. Orange is not my favourite colour…but at this time of the year they are so very welcomed.



    1. I’d say you’re lucky. I tried to get poppies to grow, and failed. A field behind our house was a blanket of red one year, and barely had any the next. I’ve noticed that in other places as well.
      Monet’s painting was always one of my favorites, and my mom was crazy about poppies, so I have a soft spot for them.


      1. We have California Poppies growing also. They grow where they want to…not where I want….alas the deer sometimes consider them to be a delicacy…


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