Here’s a little look at some stylish people I’ve noticed lately. It’s more of a challenge in winter, when being warm and waterproof are an integral part of looking good. As always, my eye goes to colors, shape and flair, regardless of the particularities of the body wearing the clothes. Lots of coats, because it’s winter and we’re mostly sitting at outdoor cafés or shopping at outdoor markets and Christmas markets.

For example, this woman wasn’t young, but I thought she looked great. Her coat swung dramatically in the breeze. She had a cool scarf, which I didn’t get in the shot. With her bad-ass boots, she walked like she was on her way to chair a meeting of the Board to Run the World.

Quite another bad-ass. Partly shaved head, and the longer bit is dyed a pastel rainbow. Tartan shawl flapping long out of the coat. Jeans tucked into boots. Not my look, but she gets points for having A Look, call it My Little Punk Pony. Life would be boring if everybody wore classic, dark suits.

More classic, more typically French. The big paisley shawl adds a lot to an otherwise undaring look. How easy is that? Toss a shawl around your shoulders, and voilà! Instant flair. It’s attainable.

This one is interesting. Classic haircut and business suit meet patterned tights and combat boots. I haven’t found any combat boots that fit my wide feet, but they LOOK comfortable. They certainly change the attitude on an outfit. I bet her co-workers answer “how high?” when she says “jump.” Good for her.

More boots. Zebra print with leather jacket to move beyond your usual black-and-white outfit.

I think this is the same woman–red coat, hat. Both times she has red footwear–boots at the top and escarpins (pumps) at the bottom. And why not–with a pretty red coat, why not continue with a red accessory–but just one, not too many. She could have gone too far with a red hat, red bag, etc.

Speaking of colorful coats, I was at a café when a woman left wearing a canary-yellow single-breasted reefer coat. Around her neck, she had a multicolored silk scarf that had a hint of yellow in the design. White jeans with a frayed hem, and camel boots. I told her she looked great. I saw her again a few days later–hard to forget the yellow coat–and she was wearing it with black trousers and trainers. Looked great. Sorry I didn’t get her photo.

A few photos of what the younger ones are wearing. Monochrome is popular. Big shoulders are back! Also the kids seem to be dressing up–fewer ripped jeans, or, if they wear them, it’s with something “fancy.” High/low combos.

Buffalo check coats are everywhere, not just in these colors but also lots of black and white and even other colors. Notice: a French woman wearing a beret. They really do! She’s pretty monochrome, too–cream beret, cross-body bag and shoes, and the coat is in neutral tones.

I thought these two were cute, too. The flowing skirt with trainers, and the fuchsia sweater. The classic camel coat with trainers. There seems to be a shift toward wool coats and away from duvet or puffer jackets. You still see them–sometimes I count a dozen within a block–and they are undeniably practical, not weighing a ton yet being warm. But they fall down in the looks department.

As for me, my two main coats are each decades (yes, plural) old. And they still look good. In fact, I got compliments just last week on my 25-year-old long, gray Russian-style coat with frog closures and black “fur” trim at the cuffs and the stand-up collar. It could be vintage, except I’ve had it since it was new. One of the best cost-per-wear purchases I’ve ever made.

How do you style up your coat game? What trends are you seeing?

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

14 thoughts on “Winter Style

  1. For me, dark red single breasted wool with deep-V lapel line, the open V stuffed with a knitted striped scarf found at Bon Marché, Paris, one year. The stripes are lengthwise-rolled strips of silk and wool knitted together: gold/burgundy/brown/cream/black.

    So many women wearing nylons in you photos! It’s probably warmer around you, but brrrrrr still. For me, never nylons if I can help it. (Fleece-lined tights are another matter altogether.) Leggings/jeggings and ankle jeans are just too easy, cozy, and good looking. Ankle boots.

    My fave of yours is the woman with the generous draped scarf over her coat. That I could see making happen.

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  2. Ok Did it! You have to click where it says “pages 1 and 2” near the bottom of the first page with the main picture Click on the one highlighted and the pictures will come up


    1. OK, I took out the page break, which I had been advised to use because if you look up any of the archives, searching for, say, a recipe, you would have to scroll through entire posts, rather than just the first paragraph of each post. I don’t know why it came out so weird. But I don’t know exactly how this whole thing works. I just follow the template….


  3. A year ago, or maybe two, back in the Before Times, I bought a puffer coat, né quilted coat. Excellent for cold winter nights when the dog wants to pee. It’s still so warm here (scarily so) that I am getting by with a long cashmere cardigan, topped when necessary with a scarf knotted French style.
    It’s nice to see your fashionista pix from Carcassonne. I love seeing people out and about in what appears to be a “normal” world, and guessing where in town they were.

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  4. The woman in the first photo seems to be wearing a sheepskin coat – I wonder she isn’t overcome by heat in your milder temperatures! Since I live somewhere deeply unfashionable, and cold in winter (the depths of the Scottish countryside), I’m going to cling on to my puffer coat for a while yet! But I do have a stylish funnel neck, mustard yellow velvet coat from Toast that needs to get an airing. It may be getting on for 20 years old. Par contre, all those white coats and trousers in your photos wouldn’t last a minute here in the country mud! I am not sure there are any trends here….

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    1. When you don’t get used to the cold, even temperatures hovering above freezing seem very cold! And we do have a biting wind. I have a 20-year-old shearling that I count on to keep me warm against that wind.


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