IMG_3861Before everybody bundles up in winter gear, here are a few final fashionable moments from this fall.

The woman at the top has it all: Mustard. Orange. Leopard. Rolled cuffs. Great glasses. Great hair. You can’t really make it out, but her bag was orange with a narrow turquoise-green strap, picking up on the turquoise in her shirt. IMG_3859This one is the opposite: monochrome from head to toe. I cut off her also awesome hair (simple bob) but even her graying blonde color went with her clothes and looked good.IMG_3878More mustard. Two examples of what to wear for Saturday shopping. I like to think their choices reflect their personalities. I love the flowing duster but I’m not much of a flowing kind of person. Much more of a blazer type. How about you?IMG_3881Speaking of flowing, lots of long dresses worn with sneakers. Love it. IMG_3883Same day, not that long ago! It was warm! I love that she went for bold color. You can’t really tell but she had great posture and moved fast through the crowd.IMG_3894Another long dress, this one with impractical boots. The skirt was tiered and very big when the wind took it, but otherwise made of a material that hung straight down. Interesting.IMG_3899I love the straight business skirt worn with sneakers.IMG_3980This is a lousy photo but it was to show the little details: a canvas bag with a cool rope handle, the shirt cuffs folded over the sweater.

One thing I’m seeing in shop windows but not so much on the street are high-waisted pants, especially dressy wool pants. Shown with shirts or sweaters tucked in. I like it.

The fashion sightings are getting harder as we move into the rainy season. Folks are covered up and it’s hard to take pictures while holding an umbrella. Although I have to say that even if it’s raining, don’t forget your sunglasses. Sometimes you need them AND the umbrella at the same time. Crazy. When I lived in Brussels it was the opposite: even if the sun was out, it would be only momentary and you’d better have an umbrella ready.

Are you colorful or neutral? Bohemian or business?


22 thoughts on “Last Fall Looks

  1. I’m very much a colour junkie.

    I’d love to be more of a flowing kind of person, it suits my personality but my body? Not-so-much. I think tall, thin women look best in flowing and oversized. If you’re shorter and stouter it can start to look sloppy and add weight to your frame.

    I thrifted some very wide and high waisted jeans recently that I’m enjoying, even on my frame. I’ve been watching The Deuce which takes place in the 70’s and I’ve fallen in love with the look.

    My favourite outfit might have been the one with the impractical boots. LOL What does that say about me?


    1. Yes, the one with the boots does seem like your style. And you’re right about height and flowing volumes. I’m short and it’s probably why I gravitate away from those styles, even though in principle I like them. Who doesn’t want to be artsy and bohemian!


  2. I love this post and your eye for detail. Being a Brit, I like to think that I am covered for every possibility weather-wise. When I go out, particularly at the moment, I am likely to have sunglasses, an umbrella, fold up mac, a cardi, sunscreen…I might be exaggerating just a little bit! I’m definitely a neutral but I like to add touches of colour with accessories, scarves, necklaces etc. I’ve always been a cross between boho and formal dressing. I quite like quirky!

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    1. The advantage of neutrals is that you can keep your wardrobe small, even if you have lots of accessories, which don’t take up much space and which tend to stay in style longer than clothes do.


    I have always wanted to do this but have-not yet maybe TODAY!
    ITs getting cold here too although the sun is still out!I need to get my warm coats out so I do not end up wearing JUST THE SAME ONE OVER AND OVER!
    Keep up the GOOD REPORTING!

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  4. Love colour! Left the beiges behind when I realised it was not flattering to my ageing complexion. Only just recently embracing some navy, however – not as funereal as black. While I also love the flowing look, I don’t have much in the wardrobe. High-waisted pants – yes! I’m loving a pair of navy, woollen sailors pants from the 30s but had to laugh when I saw a pic of myself last week wearing them with a cropped cardie – blue giraffe sprang to mind!! Love your street shots.

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  5. Love those street scenes, very interesting mixes of jackets and trou. And I like the heft of the more autumnal colors. I’d happily wear that long flowing duster or the dress, but not with a cigarette in hand.
    I like using navy or brown rather than black as a dark neutral for this time of year;, they work well with brights.

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    1. Navy and brown are so hard to match. Especially brown, which I love. One brown can look all caramel and luscious but put it next to a cooler brown and it suddenly looks like orange gone wrong. I don’t have the patience or eye to find just the right shade.


  6. Throw pillow – I snorted. Very funny – not true, but funny.

    Love the people/style watching! I’m not flow-y – at all – even at my thinnest I wear a ladies 12 US blazer because my shoulders are so broad, with breeders hips to match. Extra fabric is not my friend. I love color on others, but much prefer neutral colors for myself and essentially a uniform of tailored pants/pencil skirts and man-tailored blouses. I indulge in shoes with a bit of flair and have just designed some textile jewelry for myself (inspired by La Contessa, in fact) that I’m hoping to sit down and make this weekend, so I am trying to branch out.

    Happy weekend!

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  7. I am in love with the first photo! The entire outfit is fabulous! I used to wear black all the time, as I age I am moving into more color and patterns.

    I agree with Elizabeth, a caftan could be your summer look.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

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  8. I just bought my first pair of high-waisted, wide-legged pants since the, what, 80s? So happy they are finally coming back! You do have an eye for detail. I see all this stuff all around me (although maybe a bit less style here in the Haute Savoie) but never really notice it. As for me, neutral with a bit of quirk, not swishy, colour splashes but with a boho heart.

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  9. You have such a great eye for spotting style. It is interesting that the French are embracing sneakers as well. I too am always fascinated with anyone who is out doing shopping in something that looks horrifically uncomfortable. You know they won’t last long. But then there is the other side of the coin …finding shoes that are comfortable but still stylish. I know you are with me in that regard! Loved this post!

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    1. I think the sensible shoes are the intersection of two bigger trends: an aging demographic with women whose feet are deformed by years of wearing heels and a new generation of women who don’t spend their time trying to please the male gaze and who want to be active and unconstrained by something as stupid as high heels.


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