IMG_3562Before the weather changes too much–and it’s very summery here today–here are the street style photos I’ve gathered over the past two months.

Some “trends” include white dresses, like the one above. Though a printed sheath dress like her friend’s, with flat sandals, is very popular as well. And note the two girls on the left with their short skirts, tucked-in tees and white tennis shoes–another look among the younger set.

Flowing. Cotton tote bags are de rigueur, as much if not more than straw bags.
With a print–floral or abstract (and more tote bages!).

Metallic accents are everywhere. In the top photo, the woman in white has metallic accents on her bag and sandals. The dress below has gold leaves all over it. I saw so many women in versions of this dress, some long, some very short, some, like this one, short in front and long in back. There was a woman at the market in a long, Greek goddess version of it, and she walked as regally as the dress deserved (and disappeared into the crowd before I got my phone out).


Metallic sandals.

The woman was so crisp on a hot day. Slick chignon. somewhat structured straw bag, perfectly pressed dress and ramrod posture. She brings me to another trend: crisp and tailored.

With two more trends: white pants and metallic shoes. And as soon as the temperatures drop below 85 F, bring out the scarf.
Looking dressy in jeans. Great haircut.
That jacket, with the collar popped! More great hair. And how about the snakeskin boots.
Airy but structured. 
Something you see often here: young men in starched shirts. This one is rocking the fanny pack as bandolier.
Maybe crisp, for athleisure (black and white!), but what grabbed my eye was the way he is wearing his fanny pack as a neck bag. Daring.

While we’re on people doing their own thing, here are a few more. I admire their confidence.IMG_3239

Sorry for the blur, but I was trying to catch up. Red gingham shirt and RED GINGHAM UMBRELLA!!! You go, guy!
A vest/duster with Modigliani’s portrait of his lover, Jeanne Hébuterne. But it isn’t simply a print–it isn’t exactly the painting. I’m betting the wearer did a tribute. Unique. Too cool.
Zebra with snakeskin. I love it. Also, that she wears driving gloves to steer her walker. It can’t be easy for her to walk, but here she is, navigating the market crowd, and with tons of class. Inspirational.

Color is another trend, especially red.IMG_3001

I just can’t get on board with the visible bra. Her dress is so cute with that crisscross detail, and the peekaboo back is messed up by the bra closure.
And metallic sandals!
Bandana, pants, shoes in red, and cotton tote bag in a small red print that looks like a pale red from a distance. 

IMG_3005Which brings us to white pants. If the fabric is lightweight cotton or linen, they are worn loose.IMG_3582IMG_2987And if they’re denim they can be more form-fitting.IMG_3011While not a trend, per se, these women managed to look cool despite the heat. Loose dresses rule!IMG_2990IMG_3213Which looks appeal to you? Are you wearing similar styles?

Gorgeous hair, striped shirt, but above all, that BIKE.

38 thoughts on “French Summer Fashion Summary

  1. Every one is totally photo- and share-worthy! This is one of my favorite things in a different place – watching what people WEAR and what looks great (and what doesn’t). I almost broke my neck in Italy this summer looking at all the great style. Thanks for combining my two favorite types of posts: travel and fashion!

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  2. Fun!! Adding metallic whatevers to my shopping list.
    I like linen in summer, it’s soft and the wrinkles are supposed to be there and it stays cool.
    Saw a wonderful three-speed bike at a vintage shop last week and was dying to get it but no place to ride, as there are no road shoulders around here. But oh, for a bike you can ride without having to deal with a lot of mechanism.
    I love these street-fashion roundups, so much to see and learn.

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  3. I’m so glad you commented on that visible bra with the red dress. If you hadn’t I was going to — and will add my two cents worth anyway! It must drive fashion designers crazy that women can’t be bothered (don’t realise?) they need to be wearing underwear which complements the outer garment, not ruins its lines.

    The woman in the yellow and green actually looks a bit out of style now — she would have been right in a couple of years ago, and will look fine in that outfit once it gets colder — those bold plain colours I think will stick around for winter.

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  4. Lovely photos! I especially like the elderly ladies, they remind me of my Mom who used a walker her last few years. While not a fashionista, she always took pride in her appearance and loved unique shoes and handbags and friends frequently commented on her classic style.
    As for me, I’ve inherited the love of classics and in the summer I lean towards white slacks and a solid color top or black. I also wear dresses like the woman in the last photo and have been wearing metallic sandals all summer. I love the small print flowy dresses but they don’t suit me and I have to admire them on others.

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  5. Love the pictures! Now I feel inspired to get metallic shoes! My mom walks with a cane and sometimes a walker, so I’m going to show her the picture of the stylish lady driving her walker with gloves! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. My mom would point out women she wanted to look like, and they were consistently 25 years younger and 25 pounds lighter than she was. But I see plenty of women who look great despite advanced age and not being model-svelte.

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  6. Love the long loose dresses when it’s hot with a touch of glimmer somewhere… jewelry, shoes… but like you, I can do without showing the bra. How much prettier her dress would have been without it. I, too, appreciate the stylish woman with her walker. She’s aspirational for when I’m in that position. Thanks!! xoxox, B

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  7. I saw someone yesterday wearing a pair of Birkenstock-like sandals in shiny silver, and thought, “Oooooh, yes, just what she was talking about.”
    Probably wouldn’t have noticed, except for your posting about it. (Feeling very fashion-foward just now.)

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  8. The visible bra puzzles me, too. It may be a “look” but it’s not for me at all. I’m noticing the wedge sandals, too. Love a wedge for all day walking, and on cobblestones, too. I can swing either way with the pants/top combo or the long dress but I tend not to follow fashions and just keep wearing what’s in the wardrobe for ever and a day and thus find myself back “in fashion” again from time to time! I am, however, thinking about some metallic shoes for summer, just a happy coincidence with what’s on point with the south of France right now.

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    I WANT THE BASKET in the photo with the woman in JEANS and short hair!
    Love that compact look!
    Now I feel I have VISITED FRANCE!!!!
    I would fit RIGHT IN!

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  10. I too cannot take the visible bra idea. And I love metallics but never wear them though my niece took off her pretty high heels and replaced them with rose-gold metallic sneakers to dance the evening away at her wedding. They looked great under her long skirts. Summery styles tend to confuse me and I adapt my normal clothes to the temperature – black trousers, white shirts, plus brown leather sandals or white sneakers. With a black t-shirt dress to mid calf. And straw bags. I just can’t do flowing. But sitting with a cool drink and watching everybody else sashay past….mais oui.

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