IMG_2556What do French women wear when the weather turns warm? Long and flowing, short and sporty, or just trim and no-nonsense seem to be the major trends I spotted recently. And they aren’t afraid of color, even though black and white maintain a strong presence.

The dress on the right above was striking, even without the over-the-top coiffure and the dressed-to-be-noticed friend in white and yellow. There were lots of long skirts that caught the breeze.

Simple black and white, with sneakers. On the move.
This dress was enormous and blew way out dramatically at one point.
A rare example of heels. Somber palette but then that red bag.
Her skirt and shoes were the same metallic millennial pink. Check out the colorful bag.

Tops and pants (usually one or the other) also were billowy.

Cool, collected and chic. I just realized that pleats also seem to be a thing.
Bell sleeves and wide-legged pants.
The two silhouettes: trim or flowing.
The one on the left is similar to the look above, with a loose top over straight pants. The one on the right is a jumpsuit, another big trend.

Black and white are popular.

Just a storelength apart, dressed almost the same. Must be a trend.
Even the young ones: a black dress with sneakers; white jeans with a black top, and an all-black ensemble. And the one on the left is going for khaki shades with black.
A sharp couple. Monochrome is simple to pull off.
This isn’t black but blue, yet similar to the others, with a dark top over white pants/skirt. I love how her tote bag is similar to her pants’ print.

Sneakers reign, including with dresses. My aching feet celebrate this.IMG_2662

With long dresses or short ones.
Her bag was a little square straw basket. Too cute. She stuffed her jean jacket into it.
Long and short again.

IMG_2592IMG_2575IMG_2600Lots of colors, especially red, yellow and mustard.

Teens leaving school. They hone their taste young.
Yellow pants, and, on the right, a yellow bag.
Even her shoes were mustard.


Dressed to bike.

IMG_2557Florals seem to be popular, especially on pants (like the white and blue ones earlier).  Especially large prints on black.IMG_2579

Interesting flounce at the bottom.
As far as I know, she’s French but to me she doesn’t look like it–hair too unnaturally straight, dress too tight, heels too high.

The ones below have that je ne sais quoi easy chic I associate with French style. Absolutely nothing special, nothing to grab attention. Understated. But thought-out, neat, just so, without crossing the line into too much.IMG_2656

Running errands? Shoes and pants in the same color. And always a scarf.



Anything here that you would wear (or are)? Are you seeing the same trends? It fascinates me that despite global chains like H&M and Zara, everybody does style a little differently.


32 thoughts on “South of France Street Style

  1. Love all the sneakers with dresses. That’s what I noticed in Rome last fall. And that woman in the bright yellow dress with the red back-pack and shoes. Gorgeous. The look that inspires me is the woman in the second to last shot with the white high-neck shirt with rolled up sleeves and the purple shoes. She looks so chic to me.

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  2. Lots of good ideas here. Long skirts in summer are cool and blowy as you pointed out, and when you’re at a desk inside they keep your knees warm in the air conditioning (assuming that’s a thing where you are).
    I, too, like the chrome yellow dress with full skirt, and the trouser chic of the last few pictures.

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  3. Well finally the French have adopted an American thing they used to look down upon. White sneakers! To see women in heels now almost looks “old fashioned” or uncool! I wish I had stock in Adidas now! 🙂 As I didn’t see one person wearing jeans, they must still be considered unclassy. Pretty soon, like the sneakers, you’ll see them everywhere!

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    1. Yes, jeans are popular, and white jeans are everywhere now. But they aren’t worn/faded/”whiskered”/ripped. They range from painted-on tight to loose boyfriend cuts.
      The sneakers aren’t just any sneakers, though. They’re limited to a few styles. Not the true athletic shoes.


  4. My favourites here were the bold pops of yellow. It’s a colour that reminds me of the sunshine in Montpellier and my time living there.

    Although I wore my flat Cole Haan oxfords in NYC recently they aren’t my go-tos in Toronto. I’ll choose platform elongating sandals every time over flat shoes.

    BTW…Patti does live in Florida but now has a flat in NYC too, she is very lucky!


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  5. It’s interesting, give five people the same style clothes, and the ones with s sense of style always stand out. Yes, always a scarf. There is NO comparison to the athletic shoes worn in North America and the white sneakers worn in France and other European countries….

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    1. I saw a lot more non-athletic flats, like oxfords, during winter. But even the sneakers vary, with colors and metallics–but not the same ones as the true athletic versions.


    Cant say I care for the sneakers on everyone I know thats a BIG TREND in EUROPE has BEEN FOR YEARS.Plus they are comfortable on those cobblestones!
    I have wanted to do a POST LIKE THIS AND YOU BEAT ME!!!!!!!
    However, all I see is BLACK AND GREY even on a BEAUTIFUL DAY!SUMMER IS COMING just a few more days!

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    1. I would love to have the guts to wear a gigantic, full-length pink dress. When it billowed out like a sail, she seemed so cool.
      The problem with most flat non-sneaker shoes is that they lack support. Ballerinas and sandals tend to be awful in that way.


  7. Thank you for this wonderful post. It will be so helpful when I pack for my upcoming trip. I was quite surprised to see no animal prints in your collection of photos. I’m trying to adjust to the look of skirts and dresses with white sneakers. Perhaps this will be the trip to give it a try!

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    1. I know what you mean–the sneaker look reminded me of Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl.” No white socks this time. It’s sure nice to not look like a tourist with sneakers (though they are the more streamlined styles, not the serious running shoes). Have a great trip!


  8. Loved this, especially the posture picture. Silently thrilled to know I have practically identical sandals which I wore out to dinner last night. And three hearty cheers for white sneakers – I bought some recently and they are the answer to a lifetime of prayers. Dress up dress down, keep comfortable. I am tempted to buy them again in black. Was doing a bit of window shopping in town last night and kept coming across dresses that were so similar to those I wore in the mid-70s. Almost tempted but then thought: 17, yes. 62, perhaps not. BTW were these pictures taken in Toulouse?

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    1. I have a pair of black slip-on sneakers and hate them, even though I love the exact same pair in white. Somehow in black they look too big and cloddy. I guess it depends on the style.
      Yes, I also have some flashbacks to the ’70s, but I remember more ruffles. Maybe it was just where I lived. And yes, the photos were taken in Toulouse.


      1. I hope I don’t have the same reaction because I have just ordered and bought my new sneakers. Am on a summer sale roll! And Toulouse is a city I have only visited once but would happily see again. All that pink, all that warmth. Had a delicious lunch in the sunshine and then a bit of shopping. Tres bcbg. (Showing age)

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