IMG_1540Before the weather changes too much–it was downright hot yesterday–and these photos make everybody uncomfortable, I needed to give a nod to the stylish people I’ve encountered.

Aren’t they adorable? Skirts, sneakers, black motos. Even as kids, French women have class.

IMG_1610At least some of them. It isn’t easy to take photos! I always have other stuff in my hands and have to search for my phone (at least now I have a phone that takes photos. New for me. Such a convenience!). And my targets are on the move, sometimes very speedy. Plus there are lots of other people getting in the way. I tip my hat to those who manage to take good street style shots.

Matching couples crack me up.

As you can see in the first photo, low boots, not too bulky, with cropped or cuffed pants are popular. I also have seen a number of young women with cropped pants that are more flowy, wearing high socks that match their shoes (for example, wide black pants with red socks and red shoes). Not a look I would adopt, but if you’re a daring type…

Maroon pants, maroon shoes.
Green pants, green shoes on a guy.

Similarly, I see lots of people–men and women–matching their pants and shoes. These are just the two shots I got, but I have seen more red pants/red shoes combos than I can count. Even mustard pants with mustard Pumas. IMG_1683 2Olive green is everywhere, as I noted previously. This lovely lady was entirely dressed in sage. I have seen so many others; one who impressed me wore olive from head to toe, and her olive boots had a metallic sheen. I’ve seen other monochrome outfits as well, such as a woman in a silvery gray, with silver boots. This has always been a chic choice when done in black, but it’s in other colors, too. A French style tip that anybody can pull off anywhere–dress completely in one color. Matchy-matchy is back.IMG_2085This lady was dressed to travel. I blurred her face. Note her simple-yet-a-statement necklace and pretty earrings. Her red jacket was fitted and matched her suitcase. The jewelry and jacket make her look dressy despite jeans and (red) ballerinas. And she had an excellent haircut. She had a little makeup on–neither “made up” nor bare-faced. Just soignée–well-maintained.IMG_1544I’m not artsy or bohemian enough for this look, but kudos to her for mixing a leopard coat with an Indian bag. And her boots have embroidery. I bet she is interesting.IMG_1733Sorry about the awful photo, but it’s to show pants I see all over: self-tie, rolled cuffs, high/natural waist. With or without the cargo pockets, but in light, silky fabrics, not the usual twill.IMG_1546With the weather changing, I’ll be hunting for summer looks, and I’m still gathering men’s pics. Anything here that you would wear? Do you see the same trends where you are?

Carcassonne’s market…my style hunting ground, where locals dress to shop.



20 thoughts on “South of France Street Style

  1. I love the red jacket with black mock turtle neck . Beautiful with her silver hair! Very classy look! Very pretty with her silver jewelry. I’m with you on the photo taking. By the time I find my phone, my intended subject is usually long gone! I have pretty good luck with flowers –They tend to be stationary.

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  2. Hmmm. If you wear all black all the time (or almost), then you can wear crazy colorful shoes! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Et ben… pourquoi pas ?)

    That aside, dare I confess that I would totally wear a leopard coat? But with all black, black heels or booties, and definitely NOT with the rest of what your street model is wearing…

    The red bootie thing is interesting. You need long legs to pull that off, IMO. (I love love love red ankle booties. I’ve tried them, and my little legs are much too short!)

    Brava for doing the street photo thing. I think it’s very very hard.

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  3. I like those soft summer trousers in the shop window (they look comfortable) and the snappy red booties. I use lots of linen in the hot weather — that way, the wrinkles are chic.
    And I read somewhere that the fashionistas are going to be wearing wider-but-cropped pants this summer, just above the ankle. It’s a look that can make the wearer look runway-ready or dumpy, depending on variables.
    Am needing a hair trim and going to take your picture of the railroad-station woman to show my cutter, it’s pretty close to what I’ve been trying for.

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  4. Over here we are battling pjs and yoga pants at the farmers market. People got so careless about their appearance and use “being casual or comfortable “ as the excuse. It’s like dressing in a presentable manner would be some really difficult chore. Oh well…
    I do monochromatic, but it’s hard to be pulled off. I must add different textures so I don’t look like a wrapped up brick. I love to wear colorful shoes with my monochrome attire, it brings that little spark of interesting in the mix. Thank you for sharing although it is difficult to take street pictures. Love the red short boots and bright red jackets and how about that pink shopping cart🤣

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    1. Even the little old lady with her all-green outfit, including beret? I agree the red coats were ordinary, but they illustrate the many couples who coordinate their outfits. And the young girls? In skirts to their knees? I’d guess they were about 13-15 years old. Nothing I have ever seen at Walmart. You must be in a classy area!


  5. Great post! When I wear all black, I like to wear red shoes for a pop of color, plus it makes me feel a little glam! Here in California, I’m seeing lots of linen tops and flowy palazzo pants.

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  6. HELL NO!!!!!!!!
    MEN IN COLOR!!!!!!!!!!NEVER!

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  7. I’m not too impressed by what’s on show! I love looking at people in the street and being surprised at the versatility of what they choose to wear but I rarely get around to photographing them because I wonder if its a bit intrusive – I suppose the answer would be to do as you do and disguise the faces. While boots and trousers are everywhere here in Blighty, boots with midi, floaty dresses are gaining ground. (Young girls with colt-like legs can carry off anything, even a thin little rag of a skirt with vpl – not me!)

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    1. The photos are admittedly bad, but I’m looking for how people express themselves, regardless whether they have beautiful bodies. The older lady, for example, looked marvelous, though my photo only captures her careful color palette. The care she took, with a little brooch, a matching scarf, the beret, the whole outfit gave her so much dignity, even if she isn’t a supermodel.


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