P1020091I am still collecting French fashion photos, especially couples and men. So many chic people out and about! But today is crazy busy so I’m going to share my penchant for all the fancy carved details that let you know you’re in France.P1060854P1070102IMG_3076

Because the railings are too beautiful not to show.

P1030324P1080847P1070070IMG_0016What are your favorite decorations? Faces? Lions? Really old dates? Coats of arms?

29 thoughts on “Unmistakably French

    1. I was going to say, oh, the budgets. But the two photos with the coats of arms are on a modest apartment building. The ideas about minimalism were different way back when. (And since so much of the town burned down–mostly cooking fires–there’s quite a mishmash of eras. But still mostly older than the U.S.)


  1. Isn’t fascinating how a simple architectural detail makes a world of difference? That ironwork indeed draws the eye. However, I am partial to coats of arms, I believe they are so unique and tell a story.

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  2. These are gorgeous examples. My own preference tends toward old doors (when in Paris, I love strolling the Marais).

    Can I confess that I also adore old brick? It isn’t carved, but the texture, color and patina seduce the hand.

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    1. I’m not sure but I can’t think of any that aren’t on churches. But when you think about how old things are, few of the really old houses are still standing. Maybe on castles.


  3. I love it all, too, and will be mirroring Contessa’s sentiments when I say that an unadorned building is a wasted opportunity. Even in a new city and country where I am, the attempts in earlier times to borrow some architectural grandeur through embellishment were seized with gusto and the obliging local soft sandstone means we still have a smattering of surviving buildings with some fantastic carvings.

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  4. I love the sense of permanence and solidity from the carved stones and the iron decorations. So much of what’s come along in recent years feels flimsy and temporary, whereas these things were built to last. And they have, by golly.
    I, too, like the little owl. (Just had to get out my pictures to see if I had any of the same, but all different.)

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  5. I like a door and a good door knocker but also enjoy spotting any signs of classical architecture in unusual places. Roman style door pediments on Yorkshire terrace house in a village, for instance.

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