Aug 16

She looks how I feel.

Although I have 10 drafts of posts, none are yet up to snuff. And sad surprises have been filling these otherwise gorgeous late summer days.

I hope regular programming resumes soon. Meanwhile, enjoy a couple of golden oldies:

The French Market

Picnic in the Garrigue

17 thoughts on “Stone Faced

  1. Love, I hope it’s only the uploading….. THAT can wait. But if you feel like ‘her’, it must be pretty ‘shit-faced’ (pardon my French, as the English say)!!!!
    Sending you a smile and hope it helps. Hugs too. Kiki


  2. Thank goodness we are not our feelings – and the sense of hard stone is only temporal, fleeting. It will roll away. Sending hope.


  3. Prayers that all is well with you and your family. Sometimes, the end of a long hot summer can just take everything bit of energy/thought out a person and stifle any creative thought or idea. Just know, as Ali said, this too shall pass.

    Take care..


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