P1100337Of all the things I love about living in France, buying groceries at the outdoor market is the one that feels most French. I’ve written about it many times, but again on Saturday I was struck by just how gorgeous it all is. The colors, the smells, the artful arrangements that create still lifes wherever you look.

Even better, because they’re edible!P1100340

Flat peaches have arrived, and asparagus is hanging on. The weather has been record-setting wet, which has helped them.P1100333

A mountain of cherries. I thought the flags were a nice touch. And other cherries below–“pigeon heart” and Napoleon, I think.P1100338

Green beans grown locally…they have three kinds: green, “butter” and cocos, which are a kind of flat bean.P1100324

It’s all so pretty…P1100325P1100339P1100328P1100330

There are even zucchini with their flowers.P1100331

The roasted chicken vendor draws a long line.P1100335

The sausage seller promised one kind was “spicy, spicy, no fat, diet!” In English, even!P1100326

Sheep’s cheese from the mountains…P1100327

Everybody was in such a good mood. The World Cup has started, which invigorates the football fans, the weather is gorgeous at last, and summer is here.



26 thoughts on “What’s at the Market

  1. You are so right … nothing is quite as delightful as an open air market and no-one does it better than the French (though Italy does equally well, I would venture) …. I would be feasting on Pêches Plat were I there, no doubt at all – they bring out the inner glutton in me ever time and my devotion is only overturned when the apricots appear. Ah, me …. too much delicious!

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  2. Thank you for these photos. There are so many charming things about France and one of them is the markets. There’s a fresh produce market in San Antonio, but it’s only on Saturday mornings and not convenient for me to get there. We’re all sealed in our air-conditioned SUVs to protect us from the heat and… probably one another. Your part of the world sounds like a “chill pill” I’d love to take. Next year I’m going to Provence. Perhaps I should come your direction and say hello! xoxox, Brenda

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  3. Love this! My daughter and I traveled to Knoxville recently for a college tour (not the South of France, exactly, but very nice) and attended a fantastic market, everything from organic vegetables and flowers to handmade musical instruments. I had already fallen for the place, but it was the cherry on top – having an ongoing community event like that is really special. I suspect if I attended yours I’d never leave town.

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  4. Love the pictures; everything is so pretty. In our area we have several local farms where you can buy eggs, fruit, vegetables, milk, cheese, flowers etc. that is all local and all so good. Several of the farms have “pick your own” options which is nice, because then the fruit/vegetables are really, really fresh. We go to at least one farm every Friday. It’s hard not to buy everything you see, it all looks so good.
    Thanks for a great post, as always.

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  5. THANK YOU for this…………….
    I am preparing for the SONS wedding!That is why I am not keeping up in the BLOG WoRLD……..hope you understand!I will be BACK COME JULY!!!!!!!XX

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