P1060368Between batches of savory curry madeleines (better not frozen), I am pounding out this post. IMG_4477The process of cooking is taking longer than I expected because of mechanical difficulties. I have one madeleine mold, which I bought 20 years ago when I was living in Brussels and spending weekends in Paris and figuring that I’d be back in the U.S. in a year and wouldn’t it be cute to have something so quintessentially French? And then I more or less stayed and had easy access to excellent madeleines and I focused instead on making things I couldn’t get here–Mexican food–and never made madeleines until a couple of weeks ago.

Held upside down!

I don’t see a point in buying another madeleine mold; as good as these curry-cheese madeleines are, I don’t expect to make them all the time, much less a double batch.

And since the madeleines stick ever so slightly, I have to wash the mold between batches. (I tried oil, butter, butter and flour, but the madeleines still cling to the supposedly nonstick mold.)IMG_4481It takes forever!

Do you ever have crises like that?

I don’t consider it a huge crisis. I wanted everything to be done today, and I still think it’s possible.

Meanwhile, some local color. The Carcassonne Christmas market officially opens tomorrow, though it has been set up for a while.

Here are some photos from last year.

The market as night falls.
Bûche de Noël–Christmas logs of sponge cake and buttercream frosting.
A manger. In a tent in a parking lot, but you make do.
Woodworking demonstration.
Honey demonstration. Artisans rule.
Honey products–beeswax candles, spice cake.
platanes with blue drops
Pretty lights. The blue drops seem like water falling.
village tree 2
The village Charlie Brown tree…better lit than during the day.

Complete rundown of the party, recipes, photos and how-to coming Tuesday!!! Promise!

21 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit

    1. Argh! I just finished before I read this. Will write it down to try next time.
      The whole town is Carcassonne, which includes La Cité–the ancient fortress–the Bastide St. Louis, which is the “new” town (dating from 1260, so hardly new, but it’s all relative), plus all newer development in between and around.


  1. Good luck and remember; do not sweat the small stuff — no one will know what you didn’t get done unless you tell them. They are coming to your party to enjoy your company not critique you. Have a great time! I look forward to the finished photos.

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  2. Love seeing the Christmas market! I love wandering those in France, there are always so many interesting artisans. I have the same problem by the way with my mold! Everything sounds and looks great.


  3. Love the dripping lights. Saw them for the first time, advertised this year. What a pain, washing after each batch of madeleines. Check with a patisserie for tricks of the trade.
    We had a Christmas market in downtown Akron for a number of years- artisans from Germany. But they stopped a few years ago. Now we have locals. Not the same =-(
    Hope the party goes smoothly. Merry Christmas.

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  4. I found that the madeleines didn’t stick as much if I brushed them with clarified butter. I then dusted the with flour – be careful to knock off the excess flour though.
    Good luck with your cooking – it’ll be a great party!!

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    1. Somebody else suggested ghee, too. Will try that the next time.
      I wonder whether it’s the cheese in the batter that is so sticky.
      One came apart when I was taking it out and so I ate it. OMG. Can’t wait to dive into the rest.

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  5. I made those madeleines yeterday, and while it seemed like and enormous amount of oil, they turned out well, nice hump. Looked just like your pictures. I sprayed the molds with olive oil spray and they popped out fairly well with just a few of them needing a little poke with the point of a spoon at the bottom edge. Renewed the spray lightly before each batch. I also only had one mold so it took a while, but I was doing other things in the kitchen while they baked.

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  6. Its funny that you mentioned having the pan for 20 years before using it as I had mine for as long before making my first Madeleines now I can’t do without it. There are many reasons that the batter might stick. It could be the cheese but also might be that they had not cooled sufficiently before removing. Some people chill the batter and this helps as well.

    I bought an inexpensive mini silicon Madeleine pan from Carrefour and use this more often as I find the larger size too big for bit-size. This is great when you have to make larger quantities and there is no sticking problem. Its also easier to store.

    Good luck with your party!

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  7. The party will doubtless be a triumph and your sticky bottomed madeleines a delight. Like a wok, bakeware does better for lots of use. Wash it and give it the trendiest smidge of oil before you put it away … eventually it will cooperate. To be fair I converted to silicone when I arrived in France and it is a dream but I can totally understand why you want to buy your sentimental pan bought at the start of your European adventure 😊

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      1. i fill them on a baking sheet and slide that into the oven – but I am not you …. it works for me that’s all I can say. I also repeat that I wished you a happy party … that was rather more important.

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