P1080971Waste not, want not.

One of the easiest things to DIY is vinegar. Here’s what you need:

A vinaigrier, or vinegar crock, with a spout and a lid. Vinegar likes to live in the dark.P1090104Une mère–a mother–the starter.

Wine. Yes. It’s clearer in French. Vinegar is vinaigre, or vin aigre–sour wine.

Long before we met, the wise Carnivore had acquired a vinaigrier and a mother (of the vinegar variety). Whenever we have a bad bottle–whether it’s corked or past its prime or left over from a party and not sealed up–we dump it into the vinaigrier. The resulting vinegar mostly goes on salads. P1090106It’s possible to make your own starter. Plenty of foods rely on starter cultures–sourdough bread and yogurt, for example. You can buy a mother of vinegar or you can make one. I don’t have a photo because you can’t tell what it is–just a blob of slime.P1090111You put the mother and the wine into the crock and wait a few months. It takes us that long to go through a bottle of vinegar–and to round up enough wine to add to the crock. Red ferments faster than white.

Many choices at the vide-grenier.

You can get a vintage vinaigrier around here for between €10 and €50. Pretty and useful!P1050575





24 thoughts on “Sour Grapes

  1. WE use to make our own VINEGAR as well……….
    I wonder we stopped?
    I will inquire about that this eve over dinner!
    I love BALSAMIC.

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    1. But you can do it at home! I’m sure you can find a vinegar crock in Canada, or get one in France and take it home. Breakable, so you have to pack it carefully, but there’s no customs issue.


  2. I had one exactly like the blue one in your last picture – sold it at a vide grenier, as I never seemed to have any leftover wine!! Not sure what that says about me?? 🙂 Now I just use a regular wine bottle for fermenting the leftovers. Apparently most white and rose wines are not good for making vinegar, will have to ask my vigneron friend for exact details and reasons.

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  3. Ever since I started reading French blogs, my cooking has improved. I was afraid I would make someone sick with (soured cream) crème fraîche, or (raw eggs) mayonnaise, and a few fine crumbs from yesterdays bread for topping for a gratin, but no longer. Now I want to try the vinegar. I love how the French do not waste food.

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    1. If you are working with good, fresh ingredients, you shouldn’t have a problem. And yes, there is too much food waste. It’s shameful. I want to see the Anthony Bourdain documentary about it–“Wasted.”


  4. Just good to know the history of anything you eat and did you know that vinegar helps with leg cramps? Use 1 tablespoon of vinegar when you leg cramps and its gone in 60 seconds I promise 😌

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    1. It also helps balance your gut ecology from too much sugar. And using vinegar, or squeezing lemon onto something, helps break down the fats from the meal. One of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

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  5. Once I had a bottle of vinegar. After using it, I started to put it away when I noticed a blob in the bottom. The vinegar was Italian. I instantly thought Jimmy Hoffa had been shipped in parts! I was working in community mental health at the time and took the bottle down to the guys in environmental health. They were intrigued. The regional restaurant health inspector was intrigued. He took it to the KU medical center where the “patient” was given in the inspector’s name. Yup: the diagnosis—mother of vinegar. It was a joke for months. Then there was a story in the Kansas City Star about a person finding jars of what she thought were embryos tossed in large glass jars on the side of a country road. It took St. Louis much longer to get to the same diagnosis. Love the vinegar crock.

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  6. I have made my own vinegar in my lovely vintage vinaigrier for nearly 30 years … it was bought in a brocante called la cave d’Ali Baba near Arles when my eldest was a year old hence my emphatic dating of the art. My husband, however wants to settle to making wine when we settle to a forever home (18 months and counting) and is absolutely emphatic that it will have to be kept right away from the wine because it can taint it inp

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