79.Cité le soir2If you haven’t heard enough here about why you should visit Carcassonne, check out the lovely article about our region in Condé Nast Traveler.

Titled “Why Languedoc Is Like Nowhere Else in France,” you can see it here.

The gorgeous photos are by Oddur Thorisson, whom francophile blog readers probably know as the husband of Mimi Thorisson of Manger. (Because I don’t reproduce other people’s photos without permission, the photos here are my own.)footprintThe writer visits many of our favorites, from la Cité of Carcassonne, shown at the top, to the beach at Gruissan, above, the garrigue, below, and more. The article calls Languedoc the Tuscany of France, but I think of it as the “other” south of France–more low-key and  down to earth, less fashionable and flashy than Provence.4 view to carcaThe markets overflow with succulent local produce and products that end up in delicious dinners shared among friends and family or at restaurants. And the wine!

It is a pleasure to share the local secrets with you, especially the ones about savoir-vivre–the French art of living well.

Tangentially, check out this beautiful tapestry that some dear friends gave us. We put it in la Suite Barbès. It’s two meters (six feet) wide, which gives you an idea of how big the room is.tapisserie


16 thoughts on “Languedoc in Condé Nast Traveler

  1. I wish a friend would give me a tapestry like that! Languedoc is a treasure amongst all the treasures France has to offer. I can think of no better place for a vacation and I can think of no better base than one of your beautiful apartments 😊

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  2. The tapestry is just perfect. The scale of it just right. Your area is now one of our favourites and not just because you live there….really looking forward to exploring more of it.

    Ali x

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  3. We feel the same about the Languedoc, with a special soft spot for our completely unpretentious Aude; and the former Pyrenees-Orientales where our tiny seaside place is.

    To me Languedoc Roussillon, call it what you will, is the real South of France, not Provence and the Cote d”Azur etc.

    Let’s keep banging this drum!!

    Just came down to Argeles, such a lovely drive thru the gorges and mountain views, beautiful

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  4. The tapestry is perfect! Thank you for the link to the Conde-Nast Traveler article, which was nicely detailed and touched on several of the unique blessings of the Languedoc. Hope to spend some quality time there one day. I’ve never gotten over seeing Carcassonne for the first time from the highway passing by. Thought I was dreaming!

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