mirror-and-boiserie-chimney-sideFor reasons we don’t understand, the listings for our apartments in the heart of Carcassonne were completely messed up on AirBnB. We have openings!

The apartments date to the 17th century and have 13-foot ceilings, huge marble fireplaces with gorgeous high-relief decorations above them, and huge windows. They were renovated according to strict historical preservation rules and are furnished with antiques.

bed-lights-onThe front apartment, or La Suite Barbès, sleeps two. It has a lovely kitchen, a big living room, a gigantic bedroom (375 square feet, for the bedroom alone) and the biggest shower I’ve ever been in. It also has two small balconies overlooking the street. It’s a block from the central square, on a fairly quiet street–there are cars, but it isn’t all that easy to drive by, so they pass only occasionally.

toward kitchen with carpetThe back apartment, or L’ancienne Tannerie, sleeps a maximum of five, with a double bedroom, a small single bedroom and a double sofabed in the large living room. It has a very generous country kitchen, a big shower and a sauna. It faces the flower-filled interior courtyard.

cuisine-2-toward-window-afterWe also can arrange cooking lessons or antique shopping separately.

If you don’t see the dates you want, please contact us directly at booking.carcassonne (at) gmail.com



20 thoughts on “AirBnB Woes

    1. Yes. The listing looked fine when logged in as host, but when we looked from a computer that had never been logged in, we discovered the problem. Forums indicate it’s a bug when syncing calendars.


  1. Gee I was just in Carcassonne. If I had seen it I would have happily written about it on Parisbreakfast. Domage. Is it in Cacassonne or the town below? I was shocked at the state of the pavements in town…all ripped up. I made the error of walking from the train to my hotel, 4 minute from the Cité of Carcassonne.

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  2. We have a listing for our tours on a website which has managed to mix us up with our main rival and they’ve created a sort of chimera entry. It’s our business name and address, but our rival’s website and phone number, with their photo and a weird mixture of their tours and ours. We are told it will be fixed in their next data upload, but in the meantime, I bet it’s our rival who gets the business.

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  3. I’ve just searched for your apartments on airbnb using firefox, without being logged in, nor searching for a specific date. looked through nearly 300 listings and could not find it. Then tried map search and looked at all properties in the bastide – no luck either!

    I’ve had my house on airbnb for four years, and had two bookings in that time. So for me it’s been a total waste of time…

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  4. Your place is beautiful. I so wanted to stay here but our trip to France did not leave us enough time to stay in your area. Maybe next time!

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  5. I gave up on using Air BnB because I found their website impossible to deal with. That was more than a year ago, so I was hoping they’d improved.
    I will plug your listings with anyone I know who’s traveling in that direction.

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  6. someone at the airbnb customer service told me that their algorithms randomly change the order in which listings appear. I’m not sure if that’s what happened with yours. Also, turning on instant book can make your listing jump up in the queue (that is, if you want to have the IB feature turned on). good luck with your listing 🙂

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