The bedroom of the front apartment underwent a major transformation. For one thing, it had been chopped into two bedrooms, and we turned it back into one. You can relive the demolition here.

Bedroom wall gone huge room
Notice how the little wall had gone right up around the moldings!

It wasn’t easy–all the debris had to be carried out bucket by bucket.


We ended up with a space that’s 35 square meters–more than 375 square feet. For a bedroom. It’s almost a ballroom.

The historic preservation folks asked us to keep the jib door, but it’s sealed, with sound insulation and shelves on the other side. The door to the right used to lead to a hallway, which opened to the space with the furnace and hot-water heater, and the toilet was off of that. We closed it off and put a toilet in the hallway.

Before: a hall
After: a powder room.

The view to the street shows how each former room had a window. Sorry about the backlight.

After. The door on the left is the bathroom.

I’ve made pale gray slipcovers for the chairs. The fabric is lovely soft velvet with a tone-on-tone paisley pattern.

That door goes to the living room.

The bigger space is more suited to the gorgeous fireplace.


A closeup of the boiserie
Detail on the mantel
The kneeler found a home

The bed is full of special details. For one thing, we went with a queen-size organic mattress made in Mazamet. So it is a bit bigger than the antique headboard.



The sconces were another antique find.


Even the sheets are antique. What young bride-to-be embroidered them for her trousseau? And then put them away, because they are like new.



Whenever possible, we chose Made in France.


We look forward to welcoming visitors with an authentic French experience in an amazing setting.

Our apartments can be found on Abritel/Homeaway/VRBO: the front here and the back here or on AirBnb, with the front apartment here and the back here.

33 thoughts on “Before/After: The Bedroom

      1. Sorry to comment in a reply but I cant comment independently….You have renovated very sypathetically, how lovely to have such a building come into your care, great job x


  1. It’s all very lovely in there. I am sure you will get lots of repeat bookings.
    I wonder why your apartments were particularly grand? do you know much about them historically?
    And I understand about being picky with the art. If I had a pound for every place I’ve been into where the decor and ambience has been completely spoilt by vile “art ” I would have no need to work for a living!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OK so this looks very grand indeed. I will be in Carcassonne for 5 nights in June. Do you know anyone without a ballroom I can rent from by any chance? Or did I missread ‘bathroom’…? Cheers Carol Gillott in Paris


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmmm….glorious but you definitely need some watercolors on the walls!!

    Carol Gillott in Paris


    Liked by 1 person

  4. For months I have watched your beautiful additions and subtractions from the original. You have done (and continue to do) incredible work. Formidable!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Fantastic job. Nice to see the merino wool blanket — both as an alternative to the ubiquitous duvet and because although woven in France, I would guess the wool will have been grown in Australia (maybe China these days, but traditionally the wool woven in France would have come from Australia).

    Liked by 1 person

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