kitchen-straight-afterAnother reveal in the front apartment: the kitchen.

The apartment is really half of a gigantic apartment that was very impractical–it was a maze and each room could be accessed only by passing through another room. So one had to pass through bedrooms in order to get to the bathroom. Not great if the person in that bedroom wants to sleep.

We split the apartment into two still-large apartments (about 80 square meters or 860 square feet each). But that meant we had to create a kitchen for the front apartment. Our options were limited by historic preservation rules.

The only place to put it was in the entry. We removed a closet and closed off the door to the other apartment. We discovered that the flimsy 3-cm wall of the closet was supporting the “harnais” above. That required bringing in a beam to hold it up.


Before, taken from the same spot as the top photo. That far door is now closed off, the closet on the right is gone and a kitchen is in.


After…the door to the harnais, where horses’ harnesses once were kept, had been hidden by wallpaper.

The original tomettes had been covered with vinyl.

The horror!
Unadulturated tomettes in the closet. Would they be like that under the vinyl? YES!

We loved this bookcase and decided to use it for open shelving to make it easier for renters to find what they need.

Before…toward the living room.

The kitchen is small but efficient. The two windows face the stairwell, which is lit by a skylight. To keep the space from feeling dark, we installed three sconces in the kitchen, in addition to the two in the enty and the overhead pendant light.

The apartment is now listed on AirBnB, HomeAway/Abritel and VBRO.

Before…facing the opposite direction (you can see the “hallway” next to the closet in the reflection of the mirror). Check out the locks! (The tall door had warped.)


After…a silk carpet on restored tomettes. The locks replaced by a three-point system and the door fixed.
Lots of crystal pampilles on the new sconces.

27 thoughts on “Before/After: Kitchen

        1. Yes, but does it play well with gray? Also, I haven’t found anybody (IKEA included) who has curtains long enough. They are very long and very good quality and we have them in our own house which has high ceilings, but the apartments have REALLY high ceilings.

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    1. That’s good to know. But is it long enough for our outrageously high ceilings? As I said to Mr. Merveillleux (who has the most wonderful name and whom I am very eager to meet), we went for Ikea at home but the apartments are so ridiculously high that they surpass Ikea and pretty much everybody else.

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  1. I have been reading your blog for a time. I stumbled on the blog a year ago when I was preparing my trip to Paris. It is really interesting as it shows a love for your host country and where you live. Wonderful pictures and descriptions. I love your renovations.
    Carcassone is a place I would like to visit when I go back to Paris. When??? well that’s another story 🙂 I live far away in Argentina. My parents used to travel on the French Canals every year for a month (they rented a péniche) and they always spoke about Carcassone and how beautiful it had been to stay on board in the city, as you cannot go by car. They loved Le Canal du Midi.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your parents’ story! The Canal du Midi is about a 15-20-minute walk from la Cite, and it’s true that cars aren’t allowed inside for the most part. I hope you get to come back soon! As a devotee of Argentine tango (I had lessons with Pablo Veron), I would love to visit Argentina too!


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