salon-daybed-centerIt’s way better in person.

The first apartment is ready. The second one will be ready soon. The last i’s are being dotted and t’s crossed on the piles of paperwork.

The journey has been satisfying, especially when we see where we started. The before, below.


Wallpaper (flocked!) removed, wiring and plumbing completely redone, floors restored, windows replaced, furniture edited. Surprises along the way.

400-year-old tomettes, paint removed.

Here’s another angle:


Contrast the dining area:


No longer cramped, it’s the perfect place for breakfast…


or dinner.

table-setNo pets allowed, but there are plenty of animals:


p1060451The details are carefully preserved.


The elaborate mirrors echo…

the boiseries above them…
in the style of Versailles.
Fireplace detail
More under-the-table fabulousness

The apartment is arranged as enfilade rooms, designed for a continuous line of sight as well as for cross ventilation.

en-filadeThe previous chandelier is now in the bedroom. We found a bigger, more sparkly one:

It looks small up there but it’s a meter wide.

It really does have va-va-voom.

chandelierAs is my wont, I changed the furniture around about eight times. I think I like it with the daybed parallel with the wall, rather than in the center of the room (as in the first photo). What do you think?

salon-daybed-on-sideIf you’d like to rent it for your vacation in Carcassonne, contact me here at or at It will be up on the holiday rental sites very shortly.

41 thoughts on “Before/After: Living Room

    1. Ding, ding, ding! Definitely on the side. That leaves the openness for the enfillade to sing. As Madame DV said, “the eye has to travel.” There is no need to break or seperate this pretty space.

      Lovely wall color.

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  1. We enjoyed a visit to Carcassoone over Christmas and New Years . It really is a magical place. Our room had a panoramic view with a balcony, which was a perfect spot to enjoy the Cite lit up. Stunning. The walk up to and around the castle was lovely in the early evening. Even in December, the streets were busy but not crowded. We enjoyed the cassoulet at Restaurant Comte Roger. Would love to visit again. I would enjoy visiting your apartment. You kept the historical charm with some comfort and safety updates. The day bed facing the window invites lounging with a lovely glass of wine.

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  2. I like the daybed against the wall, it makes the room more open whereas the other divided the room. You did a wonderful job with the drapes and everything looks perfect for your first guests.

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  3. Definitely the daybed against the wall it gives much more space, the whole apartement looks fantastic and almost regal (fit for a king or queen) It will make a wonderful holiday place and if ever we come to carcassonne I will certainly stop here and I hope you get lots of stayers, well done TOF x

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  4. Beautiful and serene. Well done, you! – as they say on Downton Abbey. The drapes are very elegant, and all of it a labor of love. I’m curious to see what kind of artwork you may put on the wall behind the dining table.

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  5. I love your posts and your photos. But the many gut doctor ads that appear over and over again are disconcerting, to day the least, and definitely detract from the enjoyment.

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