sauna-exteriorWe had dilemma with the pantry of our 17th century apartments. As in, what are we going to do with this space?

During. The tomettes had been covered with linoleum.

It was too big to ignore. But a vacation rental, especially one with plenty of kitchen cupboards, doesn’t need a pantry, called a cellier in French.

Before: a dark hole.

The municipal and national landmarks experts suggested making it a bathroom, because it was in the former service hallway that we’re allowed to change as we like. But the low ceiling and lack of a window would have been unpleasant as a bathroom.


So we put in a sauna.

Perfect for two.

Why not, right? It was just the right size. An ugly, awkward hole became a little spa. We tried it out on our most recent stay. It heats up in just a few minutes. There’s a timer so it automatically shuts off–a nice safety feature. We don’t want somebody passing out and getting cooked (you’re supposed to drink a lot of water before and after). The lights are cool blue. There are even speakers and a jack to plug in your phone for music (see the cord, below on the left?).

It’s right next to the bathroom, for a cold shower afterward. A before/after coming on that soon–we finally found the right light fixture.


27 thoughts on “Before/After: Pantry to Sauna

  1. Very imaginative!!! Never would have thought of that. We turned the small area under the staircase into a pantry. Moved the refrigerator out of the kitchen and into that area, set up a vintage table for bottled water and dry good, brought over a microwave from the states (we put in a 110 line) and hid the recycling bins.

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  2. I absolutely love saunas, the chalet we stayed in whilst skiing in February had a fabulous sauna, we were in there every evening, a great way to soothe tired muscles! Plus anything that gives your apartment the edge above the others is always great for business!

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    1. We already have one of those. Seriously! There’s a room above the other kitchen, called the harnais, used to store the horses’ harnesses. Right now it has extra furniture, but it could easily become a bedroom. And it has a window!

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