shades-of-brownWith cooler weather, locals and visitors alike have amped up the fashion factor. It’s that time of year when people in T-shirts and jeans rub elbows with folks in fat scarves and fur coats.

These two were just too cute. Mother and daughter, I suspect. The coat on the left is black fur. I love the hat/hair of the one on the right. They walked arm in arm.

Carcassonne isn’t Paris, where you have a lot of people who look fabulous. There also are a lot of people who look awful. Because there are a lot of people. Same thing in New York or London or Barcelona.

À la reine Elizabeth? I thought she looked great.

Carcassonne is just a little city, and it’s rare to see anybody really dressed up. Maybe because so many people here are on vacation, we residents also feel like we’re playing hooky. But casual doesn’t mean sloppy.

At the Saturday post-market party in the street outside Café Saillan. Mustard seems to be the color of fall 2016.

In any case, a recent stroll through la Cité found many stylish tourists. If you wonder what to wear on vacation in the fall, here are some great ideas.

Mustard leather jacket and Goyard bag with mustard accents. Cute pencil skirt with sensible boots for walking.
Aren’t they adorable, both in brown?
I loved the blanket coat on the right, paired with leggings and short boots. The quilted red leather jacket was pretty nice, too. Note the BIG scarves.
Khaki and navy always works. And I adore her shoes. Actually I like both the spectators as well as the silvery oxfords.

17 thoughts on “Chic in Carcassonne

  1. Great photos…people watching is the best. We were in Nice last weekend….a GOOD place to watch people. They do strut their black biker jackets…



  2. You found some good examples. People do dress less casually in France, which is nice. Mustard was a favorite color of mine in the 80s. My husband hates it. I’m not fond of the blanket coats or ponchos, but I suppose my opinion could change.

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  3. Love these ‘fashion’ posts of yours, I do enjoy a spot of people watching. Good to see some colour on the streets….I adore mustard but it looks awful on my pale skin, olive and dark skins really do it justice.

    Liked by 1 person

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