windowWhat is strength? Is it making others bend to your will? Is it crushing anything that stands in your way? Is it bucking up to do what must be done? Is it moving forward despite the pain?

rainy-viewLife must go on. Today’s weather is appropriately gloomy, and as I took a walk to sort my thoughts, the raindrops offered cover for tears, not that anybody else ventured out.

Sums it up.
A hip-deep pile of manure. The question is: what was planted?

I decided to focus on what I’m grateful for here in France.

boxed-wineNo. 1: Really good, cheap boxed wine that isn’t  just grape juice with alcohol. #Priorities

mairieNo. 2: Liberty, equality, fraternity. And the existence of the European Union.

carte-vitaleNo. 3: Fantastic health care for everybody, including immigrants like myself. Yes, I pay taxes for it, but it’s a bargain.

maternelleNo. 4: Fantastic preschool for all kids from age 3. Yes, I pay taxes for it, and it’s totally worth it.

cathedralNo. 5: Amazing history and architecture at every turn, including la Cité of Carcassonne.

woodsNo. 6: Beautiful nature and the regulations to keep it that way.

stream-with-waterLucky 7: The river that’s flowing again. And the Paris Agreement that just passed a big hurdle.


14 thoughts on “Trying Times

  1. A heartening post that makes me realize how much we have to be grateful for. It’s never easy, but every day that we keep the beasts on the other side of the door is worth living. Thanks for the silver lining!

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  2. Thanks. Needed that.
    Is the church in picture No. 5 in Mirepoix? Looks to me like the one there. And I’m curious about the signs: Are those to warn people off areas used by hunters?


  3. I am not focussing on politics or current events for the near future. There is SO much in life to be looking at this is worthwhile, peaceful and full of love. My walk this morning in the bright crisp sunshine was a perfect start!

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  4. After a year of looking for the “perfect” place then researching what we found, my wife and I spent 8 days in Carcassonne (the first week of Octobre) and we are in love with the dear town. We both miss it very much and your wonderful pictures bring a profound homesickness even though we have never lived there.

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  5. We too are feeling sad, everything seems to be topsy turvy but we are trying to live for today and enjoy what we have while we have it, the world we live in seems to be changing rapidly but we live in a beautiful part of it and think ourselves very lucky.

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  6. I agree that those of us lucky enough to live in France must count our blessings, in spite of the difficulties at “home”. I just so happen to be headed there next week for my daughter’s wedding. I’m sorry at the way the election has gone, but life goes on.


  7. Yes, it’s a sad commentary that so many American voters have rallied behind a man who has so little regard for so many. I’ve been examining the French election system (courtesy “oui in France”) and asking why we Americans don’t ask more of ours. How else will we achieve the opportunity to allow less than ridiculously wealthy candidates to participate? That’s our homework assignment! Visited France this year and last–many wonderful qualities beyond sights, wines, and food!!! Haven’t made it to the South(yet!)

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  8. I can guess what one of the dramatice developments might be that is frying your brain right now. So many crazy things have happened in the last year; for us it’s been a whole decade of shocks, one right after the other.
    But you’ll get through C and so will we; I’m determined to. And I do it by focussing on my family and our love for life in our corner of France.

    And if you ever need to let off steam or have a rant, you know where to find me!

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