toward-chimneyThe renovation is wrapping up. We still have a few things to do, like hang the chandeliers and curtains and reupholster a few pieces. And add some decoration, though that will always be a work in progress.

Welcome to the salon of what we are calling la Suite Barbès, because it faces rue Barbès in the Bastide of Carcassonne.

Salon fireplace
During, early on. For more about that stage, see here.
During. Wiring, paint and floors done but still plenty to do.

Because our building, inside and out, is historically protected, the color scheme was dictated by the Bâtiments de France. They decided our window frames and shutters would be RAL 3075, a light gray. The shutters are unusual because they’re on the inside, rather than the outside. Once they were regulation gray, the previous ecru tones just looked dirty rather than off-white. So we decided to roll with Gustavian, which is fine with me.

Before. We bought some of the furniture.

It was perfectly nice before, except that there was too much furniture–what happens when a family is in the same place for several generations. And the wiring was a fire hazard. And the windows all had to be replaced. And the floors redone.

After, from another angle.

The dining table is on the other side, in the same spot as before. For closeups, see here.

Before. That was peach velour wallpaper. Very ’70s French.
After. Looking for some art for that wall.
After. The banquette will be recovered.

Between the windows, the beautiful cupboard was a family heirloom so alas we didn’t get to buy it.

Before. The chandelier is going in another room.
After. Same mirror. The doors on the left lead to a small balcony.

We expect them to be ready for rental by Jan. 1 on AirBnB.


28 thoughts on “Renovation Update: The Front Salon

    1. Lucky you! It’s hard to find such big, decorated mirrors. The previous owner wanted to include those two mirrors with the apartment because she thought they went so well with the decoration above.


    1. The Authorities came before the work began and had to approve everything. As I said, they dictated the color of the exteriors of the windows and the shutters. We weren’t allowed to change walls or to put, say, a bathroom anyplace but in the former service hallway. They will be back to inspect when it’s done.


  1. Gorgeous!
    I just recently moved to a new place in Paris, and I need to do pretty much the same… paint, change the floors, change the windows and fix the wiring cause it’s just awful!
    We can’t wait to be done, but it’s totally worth it!
    Looking forward to see the place finished 😉
    Ambitieuse Paris

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