gourds-closeA few pretty things from Saturday’s market in Carcassonne.

Like the amazing collections of pumpkins, squash and gourds.gourds-far

courges-comestiblesThe sign says “edible squash.” In case anybody has doubts. I love the ones that are shaped like acorns.

The florists are gearing up for Nov. 1. It’s a holiday here–no school, everything closed–and not because Halloween is the night before. Everybody is busy cleaning up the cemetery plots of loved ones, and getting fresh flowers. I wish I could do it for my parents.

The favored graveyard flower because it’s so robust.

There also are lots of pansies and cyclamens, which resist frost and tend to bloom all winter here.

Do you see the bunches of balloons that look like grapes? There was a wine festifal earlier in the week.
These red plants were arresting. And do you see the orange tree?

The market is often animated by bands or musical groups of one sort or another. And we get buskers, too. This is the first time I’ve seen this cellist.cello

After the market, we headed to our apartments, just down the street, for a weekend stay. Have to test drive it before we start having visitors! Lots of updates coming. The renovation is nearly wrapped up.



36 thoughts on “October Beauties

  1. Splendid color! You could make a framed print for a kitchen out of either of those first two photos. Looks as if visitors to your apartments will find something to enjoy in all seasons.

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  2. I wish we had markets here like that, but no I have to go to the cold grocery store. I remember visiting a market in France and seeing all the fresh produce, cheeses, meats, flowers and even clothes.

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    1. There are some nice supermarkets in the U.S., but I admit the outdoor experience, with so many vendors and so many shoppers, creates such great energy. It’s a feast for the eye while you’re in it, and later it’s a feast on the table.


  3. Two of the best things about Autumn, the beautiful colours and shapes of the gourds and every churchyard is covered wall to wall with Chrysanthe for toutsaint and all the different colours that adorn each grave, I love france.

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  4. The lovely Chrysanths. are so special to ‘the dead’ that I don’t feel able to have them growing in our garden here. But my long gone Mum & Dad had birthdays on 27th and the 30th of this month so I now buy them to display by our front door as a sort of ‘ in rememberance.’

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