16 thoughts on “Provençal Doors

  1. I love those big double doors with a smaller people door in. And the doors, as in your fourth picture, where the homeowner can close up the house for the night, or for travel, and it’s secure.

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  2. I love the huge keys that you have to turn around and around. The creak as the door opens….and the worn marble floor that could tell generations of stories….


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  3. There are so many interesting and beautiful doors in France. As you say often times the big double doors are the entrance to a courtyard and things beyond. I am fascinated by abandoned buildings, always curious to know where the people sent, what happened to them, why hasn’t anyone come home or used these houses for so long. Oh the stories these doors could tell.

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    1. Our real estate agent explained the abandoned buildings: fights over inheritance. That and the cost of repairs, especially in historically protected areas. I saw a gorgeous ruin that was very huge and very cheap, but it would have cost a couple million to fix.


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