1907During the renovation, we stashed a bunch of furniture in the attic. Our kid immediately noted the previous presence of other kids there. I had paid no attention to the scratchings on the walls, but yes, there were many hieroglyphics.

game“It’s kind of scary up here, but it could have been a cool place to play,” our kid noted.

stepsYeah, kind of scary. Starting with the break-your-neck steps/ladder to get up there.

A creepy dark room lies behind the little door.
Typical attic junk

But there are several skylights, and the floor is mostly tiled with terra cotta tomettes. This place would be a luxury apartment in Paris.

A good set for a horror film. Yet note the sun shining on the wall, left.

Back to the kids.

julesHow many generations played under the eaves?



1984 is next to the balloon with JPB CP.

Did they know each other? Not as kids simultaneously, but through the generations….kids turn into parents, then into grandparents.heartI wonder what other marks they made on the world. What marks are we leaving? And you?dramatic-light


27 thoughts on “The Writing Is on the Wall

    1. I bet people slept there in the 1600s, but in the 1920s I suspect they didn’t anymore. Plus, don’t you think the parents would have had a fit when the kids wrote on the walls if those were bedrooms!


  1. What fun! The toilet is amusing. I wonder what the story behind that is? We have almost no graffiti on our place, nor any interesting bits of underground archaeology in the garden. Very weird, especially when you consider that part of our place is 13C.

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    1. I think the toilet artist (Duchamp?) and the lady on the beach sketcher were the same person–they were near each other and the same style, same pencil. I’d love to know the motivation!
      As for archaeology, just think of how many generations of people dug there before…

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  2. I love those, particularly the Duchamp toilet. Which was my initial thought also!!!

    I have just found some little drawings and writing in the inset cupboard but Trev punctured my nostalgic, romantic postulations on these by pointing out that they were probably markings by the electrician. Pleb!

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  3. Loved this, how exciting to find these scribblings. Like you, when I was a child we always wrote the date on the wall along with the name of the Prime Minister or other relevant facts of the time when my parents decorated the house. I hope future custodians appreciate it.

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