13-marcheTomorrow is Saturday, the best day of the week. Market day.

sunflowersThere are markets on Tuesday and Thursday, but they’re smaller. Saturdays bring more sellers and buyers. It’s a big social event, centered on food. So very French.

watermelonI have my favorite vendors. I try to stick to seasonal produce. It is better in season, and the lack of it out of season makes it all the more special when it’s available.

peachesThe apples have appeared. The nectarines and peaches are still going strong, but you can tell they’re going to get farineuse–mealy–pretty soon.

flat-peachesThere are plenty of tomatoes, and now that the heat has broken, it’s time to make spaghetti sauce.

melon-tasteAn adieu to summer….

That’s per kilo…
Hot peppers
Rotisserie chicken….just TRY walking past!
Yellow melons
Ham or jambon
Almonds or amandes


A little entertainment
Snails or escargots
Figs or figues
Apricots, or abricots, still in late summer! Our tree’s fruit was ripe and eaten in July!
Cucumbers, or concombres
White and purple eggplant, or aubergine

Do you cook from scratch? What will you miss most about summer’s bounty?

My shopping caddy, stuffed to the gills.

36 thoughts on “The French Market

  1. Our Saturday Market has the same feeling. The vendors have to make it….bake it or grow it. The crowds are in credible. The locals go very early and then the tourists arrive. You literally have a hard time walking through. Apparently SaltSpring and the Saturday market has been written up in the New York Times. We even have a French Baker. She and her husband came from somewhere in Southwestern France. There is a very high quality to all the food products and the crafts are of a very high standard. The smell of the fresh bread and the sausages grilling and the small children busking….most are really talented….will be missed. If I can’t live my life in the South of France, this is a very good option.

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      1. We have some cafés as well…but the café culture is not quite the same…better than most in North America. These are the places where the gossip is and the watching of tourists trying to take it all in. Even our recycle depot is interesting. One of the men who works there has a PH.D. …that’s the magic about this strange and wonderful island.

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  2. Mouthwatering photos….. Love the charm of the markets. Years ago while visiting Aix en Provence we were fortunate enough to be there on market day. I must say the addition of antiques added another and welcome addition to the mix of fruits, vegetables and spices.

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  3. If I were there, I’d definitely be taking home some melon and a rotisserie chicken.
    Our tomatoes never did well this summer. Usually, we have a bounty of tomatoes and I yell at my husband to plant fewer, but this year, we didn’t have many. So sad. I haven’t even made homemade pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.
    I can’t wait to visit the market each Saturday next fall when I live in France.

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  4. I noticed nectarines were starting to get mealy, and baked some in a pie along with prune plums, it worked really well! I will miss all the fresh fruit of summer for sure, and wish too we had an orchard to grow our own, it’s a future goal. Looking forward in the meantime to autumnal cooking, including pumpkin pies!


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