The Camping le Moulin de Sainte Anne knows how to put on a show. Yesterday was medieval day.

A field across the road was set up with a medieval encampment and lots of entertainment.


battle 1

battle 2

battle 3
The guy on the left “lost” the fight but won top prize for best hair.


band 1

What’s this design? The other guys were from Ariège, but this one was named Leroy MacSomething from Scotland.
A cornemuse, or French bagpipes. Made of animal skin. Another time at the camping, someone fabricated one out of a bag that previously had held boxed wine. That’s ingenuity.


dancer blue

Crêpes made over a fire… It was hot work, dressed like that, on a scorching day, with a big fire.

crepes 1
This really reminds me of the ads for La Laitière.

crepes 2


blocks 1
The medieval cigarette kills me.
blocks 2
He’s going to chop off the kid’s head, and what does mom do? Takes a picture!


book sorts
Little Manual for Casting (Nice) Spells…not in the Hogwarts’ curriculum

witch station

book sorciere
Magic Textbook of Witch’s Plants



doctor real tools
Doctor tools from the Middle Ages
doctor tools
Reproduction doctor’s mini kit
doctor kit
Reproduction of a kit for a doctor to travel with. The pots would have been of clay, not glass. Bottom right: scissors, used to cut open the scalp for brain surgery. Note the saw–“arm size” for amputations, the woman at the stand told me. Somewhat worryingly, she’s a nurse in real life. 

Calligraphy…(I love that there were so many young people participating)

Games…guess the grain or herb… “Who am I?”

The show was put on by a club, Les Echansons du Carcassès,” based in Villemoustaussou. They can be hired for banquets, seminars, weddings, parties. They rent out costumes, put on ateliers about leatherworking, woodworking, costume-making. If you ask me, they know how to have fun.

The dancers are a troupe called Artemuses, putting on medieval theater, archery, combat, fire juggling.

Later, there was a medieval banquet. Coming up next time!damsels 1

19 thoughts on “Take Me Back to the Dark Ages

  1. Love these kinds of events in France. One year we were in Josselin in Brittany on the 14th July when the whole town went medieval. Quite a sight to see. Knights riding horses with their ladies and then quaffing tankards of beer with the locals. Fire-eaters and stilt-walkers. Witches and tapestry makers. Flutes and lutes everywhere.

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    1. Isn’t it fun? At la Cité of Carcassonne, it’s all medieval all the time in August, with jousting and everything (see my post about Game of Thrones). But for a little village event this was pretty elaborate.


  2. This looks like a great day! I have been to a few things like this in France, England and the states. In fact I live very close to Williamsburg and the entire town is like this! I love to see the past come to life.

    Here is the link to the Devils Food Cake

    It is so great, i think it might be my new favorite cake.

    Have a great weekend.

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  3. It sounds like SaltSpring Island in the summer. We see large fairies….with six foot wings fluttering by. Some medieval clothes wandering by……truly. The drums and other instruments also. This is our normal. The food maybe…once in while. The wine…NEVER…as good.


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  4. Oh my goodness, the medical instruments and equipment looks positively scary! I love seeing children and young adults taking an interest in history.

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  5. Reblogged this on husifrankrike and commented:
    “Time travel for real” may become our slogan once we start our letting of the house in Peyriac-Minervois. Aude is a region packed with history and the many medieval events are just examples of what the region has to offer. We have Templars, Romans, Cathars at our doorstep. Have a look at this excellent blog post in Taste of France, and why not follow them?


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