blue shuttersDo you dream about a house in the south of France? Check this one out.

It’s an architect-designed house, built in 1904. Made of stone, with decorative “quoins,” or corner stones. The walls are 80 cm (30 inches) thick in the basement, and 50 cm (20 inches) thick upstairs. That’s amazing insulation—warm in winter and cool in summer.

street viewThe 190 square meters (2,045 square feet) are spread over eight main rooms, with parquet floors. There are six working chimneys—four in sculpted walnut and two in marble.

officeA grand staircase made of oak.


The rooms are spacious: a living room of 32 square meters (345 square feet), and 11-foot ceilings. Two offices (it was commissioned by a notary) of 20 m2 and 16 m2. The kitchen is as big as some Parisian apartments—35 m2! The street-side window is stained glass.

And an “oeil de boeuf” or bull’s eye window. (Sigh. I’m jealous. I love those.)


Upstairs there are three big bedrooms and one small one, plus a bathroom and separate toilet.

In the basement, there’s a wine cellar (of course!) and an atelier with direct access to the street. And, what I think is coolest of all, a well made of carved stones.

The garden is big enough for a place to eat outside and grow some plants but not so huge that you’ll never have time to do anything but keep up with it.

gardenEven more charmingly, the house has stayed in the same family for a century. In the past 10 years, certain things have been modernized, including the plumbing, electricity, attic insulation and furnace.

corner viewIt’s in Lombez, a town of not quite 2,000 people in the department of Gers, about 45 minutes from Toulouse. The Pyrénées are just over an hour away for hiking or skiing, and the Mediterranean and Atlantic are just over 2 hours away.

If you’re interested, let me know. I’ll put you in touch with the sellers, who are friends.

far view


17 thoughts on “Character

  1. I know. A little paint here and there, maybe tweak a couple of things, and not much more needed. And I love townhouses with manageable gardens, especially walled gardens. I don’t do lawns.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, let me tell you, I’ve dreamt of living in the South of France for years! But that will never happen. Voilà pourquoi we have transformed our 1941 post-war brick cottage into our own little Southern French home, and hope to make it more like a MAS with detailing and décor!

    This is a gorgeous home, that BLUE trim on the shutters which by the way, is my HUSBAND’S dream to accomplish on our shutters. The only way I see it looking good is if the “Chicago brick” were painted white. Now there’s a thought!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog at Castles Crowns and Cottages and leaving such a beautiful comment! A bientôt! Anita


    1. I am from the Midwest and certainly never thought I’d be where I am now. You can always visit! When I was in the Midwest, I was such a francophile, trying to inject that joie de vivre into life, so I completely understand.
      I love your blog. It’s such a pleasure when there’s a new treasure from you.


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