wellWe did something highly unusual and went out to eat. We figured we should try someplace new, at least new to us. Many of our friends have raved about the Hôtel d’Alibert in Caunes-Minervois, so we headed there.

tableActually, we were on our way to a different spot. For a small village, Caunes has several good restaurants. But there was a concert and it didn’t seem to be one we would appreciate. So we hoofed it up the hill to the hotel.

balconies far

The hotel is across the square from the mairie, or town hall, in a beautiful Renaissance home. The hotel has only eight rooms (with garage! do Street View or Google Earth of Caunes and you will see why this is important).

I spy the local Caunes marble–the counter on the left in the foreground.

woman face

faceOn a balmy June evening, dining was in the courtyard. Classical music segued into Carlos Jobim and Stan Getz. Very, very pleasant. Much better than the concert.

doorwayThe restaurant offers a fixed-price menu for €29, comprising a starter, main course and dessert.

pintadeFor starters, my husband had foie gras; I had asparagus with vinaigrette. Then he chose the pintade (kind of chicken), cooked with olives, and served with a large dish of potatoes, creamed spinach, and zucchini in tomato sauce. I had mushroom lasagne, served with a green salad.

Novice blogger–I ate first and photographed after. It was GOOD.

He foolishly skipped dessert and had cheese. I had the dark chocolate cake, which was more like chocolate mousse on a layer of soft fudge (bad blogger: I didn’t take a picture but snarfed the whole thing down immediately).

angelEverything was very good. And the ambience was just right. The owner, Frédéric Guiraud, bantered easily in English with the out-of-towners.

Two thumbs up!

18 thoughts on “Hôtel d’Alibert

  1. Pintade is guineafowl, so technically not a type of chicken, but a type of poultry. I’ve sent my husband off to buy one this morning for dinner with guests this evening.

    The restaurant sounds great.


  2. I’m a bad food blogger too. We cooked a particular Catalan flavoured meal for friends last year, with the full intention of blogging about it because it was exceptional; then we ate it without even thinking of the damn camera.
    I must do it again. That building is stunning

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  3. Love the mairies..in Provence they were all so beautiful..one town..Ménerbes..stole my heart…ok more than one town stole my ♥.
    Your dinner reminds me of some we had in Provence.Lovely outings.

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  4. I liked the idea that you ‘snarfed’ it before thinking about the photo. In fact I would not mind if mobile/portable phones were not quite so prevalent at the dining table. But, of course, I like to see what you were eating!


  5. What a glorious post. You haven’t mentioned figs. I think I spot a fig tree on the right side of photo under the bright pink flower pot. If the area has figs I would love to hear about them. Beautiful blog. Thank you from someone such as I who will never get to see what you are living.


    1. There most definitely are figs in the area. We had a fig tree that kept pushing up in front of our house; we eventually dug it up and replanted it in the back with more space. It’s bigger than me and is full of fruit. Otherwise, we go walking in the countryside and pick figs from the side of the road. I am not for stealing, but if we see a tree that nobody is paying attention to, with fallen fruit all over the ground, then I don’t feel bad about taking two dozen figs home.
      There are green and purple varieties, but I don’t discern any difference in taste.
      What do you like about figs? Fresh? Dried? Cooked?


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