Some things are too majestic to ignore. You can hurry on with your busy life, but you’re missing out if you don’t stop and soak up an amazing sunset.

Others are simply so strange you can’t help but stop and gawk.

Tiny car

These extra-tiny cars don’t require a license. They also don’t go very fast. They are like riding mowers with roofs. Most of them look like shrunken Smart cars. But even in this range, I’ve never seen a model that was, well, what is this? A dwarf pickup? Who? Why? So many questions.

I also saw my first Twizy. It makes the Aixam above look like an SUV. It sped around the corner, leaving me with my jaw gaping to the sidewalk as I tried to comprehend what had just gone by. It was gone before I could get out the camera, but I will be on the prowl for it now. Meanwhile, you can get a look here.

Then there are cute things, noticed while out and about.

Eurofoot chocolates

For example, in honor of the current 24/7 Euro Foot thingy that’s everywhere, the chocolatier Jeff de Bruges tried to make soccer more …. palatable.

And finally, some things grab your eyes and your nose.

gene closerThe genêt is flowering. Entire hillsides are covered with clouds of yellow flowers. They have a heavy, sweet fragrance that travels far on the breeze.

In English, it’s a broom plant. It grows all over the garrigue, and often along the roadsides, in big, voluptuous bushes that reach maybe 10 or 12 feet tall. It’s just green most of the year, but in May and June it changes everything to gold.

gene far


15 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. We saw that micro pickup last week; then speculated as to what sort of business would find something that size the ideal work vehicle?

    Actually I could; I could put my briefcase in the back anyway


    1. I had to go someplace today that took me on a different route, and wouldn’t you know I saw magnificent flocks of genêts. And the perfume! Intoxicating. It’s so think you almost drink it in.


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