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I need pants like that. How can you help but be in a bright mood!

We are leaving matters of French fashion taste to those who specialize in it. But something caught my eye over the past few months: Men wearing orange pants.


All the way back in winter, we were having lunch at a tiny restaurant in the center of Carcassonne and here comes the owner, in orange pants. Then a diner entered, in orange pants. And another one. What?

I started seeing men in orange pants everywhere, in shades ranging from a washed-out burnt orange to vivid tangerine and almost red. These pictures were taken on two different days, once in April and then last Saturday, at the market in Carcassonne.

There also were more women in orange pants.

The one that got away: a woman in lavender, head to toe. A flowing shirt or jacket over a top, pants, socks, sandals (yes both), necklace of chunky beads, glasses–all lavender. And the best part: her hair, in a sort of David Bowie cut, also tinted lavender. I marveled at her commitment to one color. I fumbled for my camera, but she was swallowed up by the crowd before I could get off a shot, and I was too weighed down by vegetables to run after her.

16 thoughts on “Orange Is the New Black

  1. Speaking as one who owns a pair of orange canvas shoes, two orange handbags, a skirt and a jacket in orange linen, I am all in favour of orange pants. My American clients a couple of days ago were most impressed that I managed to match my orange shoes and handbag to the orange in my African print trousers. I noticed when we were in Milan last year that orange was big. If you want orange pants, I say ‘go for it!’ Try Kiabi — I’ve bought shocking pink and sunflower yellow skinny side zip trousers there in the last few months, so they might have orange too.

    Btw, I know exactly how you feel re being weighed down with vegetables and unable to get that shot 🙂 Happens to me all the time.


  2. Crazy, we too noticed people of all ages sporting orange. mustard, yellow clothing as we sat outside in Carcassonne last Wednesday. One guy was dressed head to toe in these shades, save for a black leather waistcoat (in that temperature?)!
    He was so obviously carefully casual, and posing around the square in photo-ready style that we christened him the Rock Star.

    WE passed him again on the bridge by La Gare, he winked at me.. so myopic too


  3. Don’t you enjoy realizing a trend before someone announces it? Of course, I’m never part of the trend, just notice it. My husband bought some brick red shorts the other day, so he might be willing to try orange pants if they’re still a la mode next summer.


    1. Some years ago, all the shop windows in every town I went to in France seemed to be decked out with outfits in robin’s egg blue and khaki. That was an easy bandwagon to jump on.


  4. Last year when we were in Aix….my husband bought a pair of…yes…orange shoes. He loved all the different colour ranges of orange pants….especially the brick coloured ones. He thought they would be a bit much for our small island. This year maybe he will buy a pair.
    I have seen them being worn….goodnes…never thought of my husband as trendy.



  5. Interesting! I’ve frequently spotted pants in a color often referred to as “Nantucket red” on both men and women in Paris, but this shade takes it to another level! 🙂

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