Bouihonnac dreve

Drève is one of my favorite words in French. It’s where trees line both sides of a road, touching in the middle overhead.

Malves dreveI hear the word rêve in it. Dream.

Trebes dreve

Going through a drève on a hot summer day is indeed a rêve. The heat shimmers on the pavement, making everything seem as if you’re looking through water. You probably see a mirage puddle on the asphalt.

trebes dreve 2Then you plunge into the cool tunnel of trees. It’s another world. A dappled world where you can breathe, unlike in the scorching heat outside.

Dreve 2And then you’re out again. Wondering why trees weren’t planted everywhere along the roadsides.




7 thoughts on “Tree dreams

  1. Drève is a new word for me, so thank you very much for that. We have some similar photos, but wherever possible they have the bonnet of a Citroen Traction Avant in the foreground and are taken through the windscreen.

    I’m a big fan of roadside trees, but apparently there is a big problem in France with them leaping out and hitting cars, causing deaths. It’s very sad, and there is a campaign to remove them which gets a bit of media attention from time to time. It apparently hasn’t occurred to the campaigners that driving more attentively might be a valid option. Their friends and relatives were good drivers, therefore it is clearly the trees’ fault.


    1. Drunk driving isn’t seen as a menace. In general people don’t get wasted, but they still are impaired and shouldn’t drive, but try telling that to anybody. Meanwhile, the chancre coloré is doing its best to get rid of the platanes.


    2. One such accident happened near us recently and the greiving father was found to be trying to cut down the offending trees.
      Ever since we started to come to France the ( was it the Napoleonic idea of shading the army as it travelled) double sided tree lined road has caused one of us to say ‘Typically French!’ in admiration.


  2. Always happy to help…Can they resend the email because the blog may be fixed, but the email remains the same.

    Fluctuat nec mergitur. (She is tossed by the seas but does not sink.) -Motto of Paris



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