Bouihonnac dreveDrève is one of my favorite words in French. It’s where trees line both sides of a road, touching in the middle overhead.

Malves dreve

I hear the word rêve in it. Dream.

Trebes dreve

Going through a drève on a hot summer day is indeed a rêve. The heat shimmers on the pavement, making everything seem as if you’re looking through water. You probably see a mirage puddle on the asphalt.

trebes dreve 2

Then you plunge into the cool tunnel of trees. It’s another world. A dappled world where you can breathe, unlike in the scorching heat outside.

Dreve 2

And then you’re out again. Wondering why trees weren’t planted everywhere along the roadsides.

14 thoughts on “Tree dreams (fixing technical problem)

    1. Maybe! Drive comes from Old English/Dutch/German: drifan/drijven/treiben. Drève actually is a word used in the north of France and in Belgium and comes from the Dutch dreef, for lane.


  1. You’ve captured that feeling
    perfectly here, with your
    lovely photos and words.
    Thank you for a brief moment
    of refreshment in my hectic

    xo Suzanne

    PS: Thank you for your recent
    comment on my blog. You
    inspired my next post, coming

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  2. I grew up in Mobile, Alabama known as the first “Tree City” community and we have very old oak trees lining many streets. The down-side is that the ever-falling leaves clog up the drains which floods the streets and the roots break the sewer lines but, they are beautiful.


  3. I didn’t know these tree tunnels were called drèves, maybe they’re not in my region? Anyways, this is such a familiar landscape when driving through rural France! 🙂



  4. Beautiful post – I love those long rows of trees, and the tunnels of shade they provide!! I’ve heard that the planes were planted to shade Napoleon’s marching armies, but perhaps that’s just a myth…?


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