autrefois vinegars
Infused vinegars

In a welcome change to the usual souvenir shops selling wooden swords and shields, a number of interesting shops have opened in la Cité.

Interesting because they sell all kinds of French goodies.

autrefois fruit confit

One of the prettiest is Autrefois, a small chain that has just opened in Carcassonne with French delicacies both sweet and savory. It’s at 10 rue Cros Mayrevieille in la Cité, but even without the address you can’t miss it.

autrefois chocolates
Chocolate-covered almonds, including green ones to resemble olives

It’s a feast for the eyes as well!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slideshow includes candies like calissons and nougat; shortbread cookies and biscotti; a wall of herbs; closeup of vinegar flavored with garlic, thyme and hot pepper; rice from the region;  verrines of mushrooms, rabbit with provençal herbs, duck with olives and provençal herbs and boar with provençal herbs; and a wall of tapenades.

Le paradis, quoi.


16 thoughts on “Autrefois

  1. As if we need one more reason to visit living in the shadow of the Cité. I guess we will just have to go up for a visit shortly.


  2. Thank you…another on our list. Are we going to have an update with photos soon…it really is interesting for all of us…..I think. Renovations are always more complicated than new construction.



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