mystery wall 1There’s a wall in the woods.

For no apparent reason.

mystery wall endWho built it? Why?

Clearly, it was a long time ago. So it must have been a ton of work.

mystery wall thicknessIt isn’t just a single row of stones, either. It has been filled in about a yard deep.

It’s in the countryside, not near a town. Especially not near a town from back when it might have been built. In those days, marauders attacked solitary outposts, so folks retreated behind the fortified walls of their villages at night, going out to their fields by day. Even farms, which usually had several families, were fortified. It sounds like a scary time.

There’s no farm here. No trace of houses. No vineyard that was cleared of rocks that eventually became walls. Just trees and brambles and birds who are happy the woods are too thick for most people to come and bump around.

mystery wall closeWere these stones naturally flat (doubt it) or were they hewn? If so, why so much effort for this wall?

The thing about France, and Europe in general, is that these kinds of mysteries from the past are everywhere. Just take a walk, and you can stumble across them.

mystery wall 2

23 thoughts on “Mystery

    1. It’s in a really weird place, in a ravine between two steep hills. And no sign of other walls. Usually you can see some outline of a building, even when most of it is gone.


  1. You could write a story centred around the stone wall…..aa mystery. Being France it would mention a lot about food and wine…..handsome men and elegant women wearing black….and of course the body…..



      1. Both…you could have flash backs…unrequited love….you could go back generations…a saga…until you find out that it your family….


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  2. Perhaps once a dwelling or fortification, part of a long-gone town? Maybe a barn. You stumble across walls like that still in New England, from when the land was cleared and used as pasture, and those are only about 2-3 hundred years old. I imagine French walls could be far more ancient.


    1. In spite of it looking very old from mosses and so on, the trees around it are fairly recent. So there may still be some record of it, somewhere.


  3. My best guess would be that it’s a sheepfold. I also wondered, after your description of the landscape around if it was connected with an industrial site such as mining of some sort.


    1. That’s interesting. There are sheep farther up the mountain, but none nearby, but that doesn’t mean that long ago people didn’t keep sheep. In fact, they probably did. There’s a river/stream nearby.


  4. If it’s in a ravine between two steep hills maybe it was put there as a dam. Possibly long ago a creek or stream ran through the ravine and someone(s) dammed the flow up to have a larger source of water and/or to keep fish from swimming downstream thereby having easier access to fish for food.
    Also, if there was ever any mining in the area that wall could have been part of the mine entrance.


    1. I wondered about a dam, but it seems to be backward, with the wide part at the bottom of the slope and the narrow part above.
      No mining around here. Farther up in the mountains, there was a gold mine, but it’s pretty far.
      Maybe there was a path or road along there, and it kept the sides of the ravine from washing out. Or maybe it was a house. Or maybe long, long ago, the area above was planted with fields that later went fallow and then turned into woods, and the wall was for retaining the soil.


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