Poppies 5The painting “Coquelicots” by Claude Monet is one of the things that made me fall in love with France before I ever set foot here. It’s the verge of the Belle Epoque, to be followed by  Proust and Colette and Guimard’s sinuous entrances for the Paris Metro.

Poppies 3Poppies are the flower of May. My mom’s birthday is in May, and the one time she visited us here, was just after it. She loved poppies. Every time we saw a blazing field of them, we had to stop for a photo.

Poppies bestSome other people very dear to me–my aunt, my sisters-in-law–also are poppy fans. As was my grandma, who had them in her garden (and the cops came by one time to make sure she wasn’t cultivating the kind for heroin!). So in May, I get a constant, and welcome, reminder of all of them.

Poppies 7

There’s a gorgeous field of poppies just behind our house. It has gotten redder by the day, so I keep going out for more photos.

Poppies 2It must be exceptional, because every time we look out the window or drive by, we see somebody who stopped to take a photo.

Poppies 6More than a few hauled kids over to the flowers for a dazzling background. And I saw one family lie down among the blooms for a group selfie. It made me think of the poppy field in “The Wizard of Oz”–clip here.

Poppies 2

13 thoughts on “Popping

  1. I just recently stumbled across your blog and love it. Your photos are simply stunning! I love poppies and would love to just get lost wandering the poppy fields! How lucky you are to have them just behind your home!

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  2. Bonjour! It is lovely to meet you via my blog, as I see you over at Vicki Archer’s blog all the time! Thank you so much for coming to leave a comment on my post. AND, you are in France! Well, as a French teacher, I am in love with the place and all things French, and the French countryside is my dream. Live well and bonne journée! Anita (les Dame D’abord)


  3. So so pretty and I remember seeing them when I was in Europe on both sides of the highway. I was on a bus and was wishing I could get a picture.


  4. I love the poppies! My sister and I were in Provence last year when they were in bloom and we just couldn’t stop taking pictures. I later ordered some seed packets from a place in Paris so that I could have my own little piece of Provence here in No. Georgia. Not one single plant came up. That was an expensive disappointment for me!!


      1. Oh yes, I can find some beautiful poppies but I wanted them to be French, not American. Guess I’ll have to settle for home grown poppies if I want to see them in my garden!


  5. Gorgeous, lush pictures, and from the unopened buds among the flowers, your field is going to be blooming for some time yet.


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