28 magrie chateau
Just another farmhouse in Festes, France

Picking up with our pilgrimage through the French countryside, we moved on to les Ruchers de Magrie (the Beehives of Magrie), an apiculteur, though this lovely and her friends–not bees–greeted us at the entry.

21 magrie cow I’ll do another post just about the honey, because it was so interesting. Let’s just say, Winnie would have been in heaven. The different kinds have very distinct flavors.

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We also noticed vineyards nearby.

22 magrie vinesThe rose bushes are like canaries in the coal mine–they attract pests first, alerting the vigneron early. Like the honey, the wine is bio, or organic. They have flat whites as well as sparkling blanquette de Limoux. More on blanquette later, too.

Off we went, south toward the Pyrénées, through jaw-dropping scenery.

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We’ll be back on the road again with another installment tomorrow.

Here’s part 1, in case you missed it.


6 thoughts on “De Ferme en Ferme, Part 2

  1. De Ferme en Ferme sounds like one of those great ideas that other parts of the world should copy!
    Is it always in the spring across France? or sort of random?


    1. It starts in May and runs into fall. The next one is May 22 in the Lauragais (between Carcassonne and Toulouse), then June 19 in Val de Dagne (to the east of this past circuit), and Oct. 2 in the Black Mountains. There are Ferme en Ferme events elsewhere in France, too. Check the link.


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