You know that Europeans drive some small cars.

Oh, some people have big SUVs, but they’re kind of ridiculous, especially in the narrow medieval streets, where they need three tries to make a turn and can’t fit into any of the designated parking spaces.

Scratches on a wall in la Bastide where cars didn’t quite make the turn

Back in the day, we joked that big cars, like Delta 88s or  Cadillacs with fins, were “land yachts.” Well, look what I saw going down the street recently.

Boat on road 1

boat closeboat behindThis is what you call a “convoi exceptionnel.” Except these aren’t all that exceptional. Boats go by a couple of times a week. Tram cars, two per truck, but they’re in distant second place after boats. Then blades of green-energy wind turbines. Enormous turbines. Gigantic stainless-steel tanks for wine. The occasional house or cabin. Never a dull moment.


12 thoughts on “Land yacht

  1. Yes, I’d like to see one of those negotiating a tight bend here!

    The corners of two of my neighbours’ houses jut out into our narrow street and these have been scarred by numerous vehicles over the years.
    This is good going as we only get maybe three or four vehicles a day (residents , ambulances and the van from the Mairie) down Rue de le Plage anyway!


    1. You’re getting a boat?!?!?! Wow! I grew up about as far from either coast as one could get, so what boats there were, were small. I suppose here, the land route between Atlantic and Mediterranean is shorter than sailing.


  2. My husband was such a star driver in France and Italy:)
    For one month he drove our party of 4 everywhere..Rome was his least favorite;)
    He loved all the country escarpment in Italy was particularly breathtaking..yet frightening..
    I drive a little is perfect for me.
    I don’t go far at all:)


    1. I remember trying to get near the Coliseum in Rome with a Fiat Ducato (seats 9!!!) so my elderly dad didn’t have to walk too far. We ended up on a little street that got narrower and narrower until I ended up having to back out. Total nightmare.


  3. Love the driving in France….not me…my husband. He takes it as a challenge to drive like a local. Backing up when road ends…pulling in side mirror when lane toooo narrow. You see much more the narrower the road…that is when I open my eyes…



  4. Interesting – a yacht on wheels. Thank you for stopping my and leaving a comment. I did not know that Airbnbs needed to be licensed. Thanks for the tip.


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