old and new windows bedroom
I miss the old wavy glass, but the panes were so fragile we lost one almost every time we closed a window.

The windows are being installed!

Wood baguettes will be added where the lines are (new on the right, old on the left, above).

The wood on the bottom of the French doors was so rotten, you could see through the holes.

salon 2 window
Sorry about the backlight!

The windows in the back are a little different, with smaller squares. We had to keep exactly the same style as the originals.

fix door

Other things have been fixed as well. The carpenter had to move this interior door more than an inch because of settling.

kitchen wavy wall
The difference is about two inches

None of the walls are straight. And some are stranger than others. Maybe because of the stones used? Look at how much this kitchen wall varies. I’m glad we aren’t putting cupboards against it.

SDB 1 paint

One bathroom is painted. The gray came out a perfect match with the pre-existing (but new) shower and the new tile.

The front apartment’s living room got a first coat of paint, but I’m going to wait until it’s all done to let you have the maximum gasp from the change.



13 thoughts on “Renovation update

  1. Well, I saw your headline and thought, This day is off to a good start, yay.
    The grey of the bathroom and those tiles: Wow!!!
    Looking at the kitchen wall variation, I realized that may be why French kitchens so often have no conventional cabinets.


  2. Thanks for sharing.. I’m glad that you have…rules…to follow. History of buildings should be maintained and honored. I love our West Coast style home….but the charm of old…wonky ancient walls and floors makes me wish it was possible to do what you are doing….on a smaller scale.


    1. In our hunt we saw many buildings that either had been “renovated” without permission and without regard to historic preservation as well as places left to ruin because the rules do make fix-ups expensive. A happy medium is hard to find.


  3. I was just talking with a friend yesterday who misses the wavy glass in her old windows. We still have some here in our house which was built in 1923. All the changes look beautiful.


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