The apartments are taking shape, particularly the one in the front.

Salon fireplace
The living room
Chambre fireplace
The bedroom

It’s all primed and taped and ready to paint. Just waiting for the new windows to be installed.

I’ve agonized over the colors. We are required by the historical preservation authorities to paint the window frames (inside and out), balcony and interior shutters a light gray known as RAL 3075. (Turns out RAL is like Pantone, but European.)

I had dreamed of something more in a creamy, buttery palette, with gold touches, like this:

Fave pinterest salon
From Pinterest…if anybody knows the source, do tell.

But we’ll go Gustavian if we have to.

Lovely, n’est-ce pas? Jean-Louis Deniot interior.

We’ll put the whitest white on the ceiling, then a medium gray called Silex on the walls, and two shades lighter for the carved decorations and interior doors. The front apartment faces south and is very bright, so we’re going to be a little daring with darker walls.

We have some wonderful slipper chairs in blush that should work nicely with the gray.

The curtains present some dilemmas. Before, the curtains covered the windows when open, with the rods placed barely larger than the openings.

Chambre facing street
The attachments for the rods are still there. See how close they were?

We’ll have to spread them out in the bedroom. But in the living room, there isn’t much space to avoid covering the wonderful decoration between the windows and to have curtains that aren’t skimpy.

Salon facing street
The living room is a tougher nut to crack. How to hang the curtains for maximum window AND maximum carving exposure?

So: should we try curtains that pull to only one side? Or would that look weird?

I am scouring the encyclopedic do’s and don’t of window coverings at Cote de Texas, but am open to suggestions!

The floors are done, too, with some surprises.

The living room went from this (not unusual to paint the terra cotta tiles):

25. Salon actuel tomettes 1
Tomettes…gorgeous when buffed to a shine

To this:

Salon floors being treated
Paint treated for removal.

To this:

salon cleaned floors
They’ll get a protective coating but will keep these colors. In the past, people painted them to have a uniform color.

The bathrooms are tiled, and fixtures will be installed as soon as the walls and ceilings are painted. Reveals coming soon.

22 thoughts on “Les travaux

    1. You mean the carved stuff? It’s wood. Boiseries. It’s 99% of the reason we bought this place. We must have visited over 100 properties (I quit counting in the upper 80s) and this was the only one with boiseries this fabulous.


      1. yep I’d buy it for that too. And yes, I meant that fantastic carved panel, though the cornices (which I assume are plaster) aren’t half bad either. The whole room is great. And congratulations on getting the paint off that floor. I’m no stranger to that kind of remuddling work either.


  1. Breathless with admiration. The floor is spectacular, as is the room.
    For the windows, is it possible to hang panels to the sides and something sheer over the center section? Or else extend the rods to the sides far enough that you could push everything off the center and windows that way.
    The grey palette is very restful, and you can always zip it up with touches of gold here and there. Of your two pictures, I’d find the second easier to live with/in.


  2. Considering that the building on the other side is the post office (i.e., they don’t work very often) I prefer leaving the windows as open as possible. I’m thinking about pushing the curtains to the sides, since in the middle of the living room/salon we have an absolutely incredible mirror that “mirrors” the boiseries, but a certain husband thinks everything should be symmetric, with very thin curtains that wouldn’t impinge on the boiseries. I am leaning toward symmetric in a different sense–to either side of the windows (in the salon, at least). I hate the idea of encroaching on either the windows or the boiseries. In the bedroom the only boiseries are above the fireplace, and not between the windows, so we can extend the curtain rods there.
    We definitely will have touches of gold, thanks to the gorgeous mirrors we bought from the previous owner. I just delivered the colors to the painter. Sigh. Darker walls + ligher boiseries in the front; ligher walls + darker boiseries in the back. Photos to come!


  3. Hi,
    I can help you with you dilemma on the drapes. I am French living in the US. I lived 10 years between Monaco and Valbonne. I am sure you know where these city and village are. I study at the castle of Valrose in Nice.
    I have a website that sells readymade drapes like we do in France. French pleats, fully lined and adjustable in width. Just one one side look great. You don’t have to do it on both sides of the Windows. Check the website and contact me if you need help!
    Looking forward to helping an American who move to my home land!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I fear that with the high ceilings and the tile floors, it will be noisy or echo-y. We’re looking for some area rugs to add coziness, but I don’t want to overdo that, since the floors are so beautiful. Curtains give such a nice finish, too.

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