Slogging along on my jog, my eye was drawn to these beauties.

purpleThey weren’t there the day before yesterday.


It’s amazing how quickly things push up. (FYI, that’s wild rosemary in bloom on the left above, and wild thyme on the right.)

Since I started this blog, I make a point to look for pretty or interesting things to share, and I’ve found so much that I was just overlooking before.

There’s beauty all around us, if we just open our eyes.kind of calla



8 thoughts on “In the woods

  1. When we drive around the South of France and see the herbs growing wild…it breaks my heart. At home, I go to the nursery…bring them home….plant them…water them and try to get the same wild effect…that nature does effortlessly….



  2. Now I have an earworm: “Wild Mountain Thyme”. And oh, the glorious color of those purple leaves in the first picture. Do you know what it is?


  3. Thanks for coming to visit my blog. We love Carcassonne. For more than 9 years, we owned a classic French Bistro called Bistro Des Copains north of San Francisco. Throughout the years, there was large framed picture of my business partner and I near the defensive walls in Carcassonne. In January 2007, we took the Bistro crew on a trip to explore the south of France and we had a fabulous cassoulet at Le Languedoc Restaurant in Carcassonne. We were directed there by several vignerons and it was well worth it. Afterwards we went to taste wine at our favorite rose producer Domaine de Fonsainte in Boutenac.


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