A bee at work

How about some more celebration of spring?


This camelia (is it???) bush is tucked in a corner by our neighborhood château. Hence the fabulous stone wall.

Even the fallen blossoms are lovely. They remind me of the skirts of the dancers in the corps de ballet. It wouldn’t be surprising if they started twirling to “Waltz of the Flowers.”


Speaking of music, at this moment, the soundtrack for spring would have to be another Tchaikovsky hit, “The 1812 Overture.” A few weeks ago, the leaves started opening, softly and delicately, like the introduction of the overture, which is based on a Russian hymn. Then it built up into a fine, green scrim across the landscape. The past couple of days seems to be in the finale, with leaves bursting out almost before one’s eyes. There should be cannons and fireworks going off!

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