Just sharing some pretty images from my run today, looking forward to the long Easter weekend.

Dinner in landscape
Dinner in a landscape

This view makes me think of the movie “Babette’s Feast,” with wild herbs like oregano and rosemary in the foreground, then a field of wheat, and a vineyard beyond. Based on a story by Isak Dinesen (who also wrote “Out of Africa”), “Babette’s Feast” is a must-see for any food lover.

hill of herbs
A hill of herbs

In it, Babette, a refugee from revolution in France, ends up in Denmark and is taken in as a cook by a pair of spinsters. She forages for herbs to improve the sad pantry and ends up improving the happiness of everyone around her.

bare platanes
Shorn platanes

In town, the trees looked so sad, like my brothers used to when they got their summer buzz cuts.

umbrella tree
Come summer, this mulberry tree will be a welcome parasol.






Elsewhere, the weeds put on a show to melt the heart of the tidiest gardener. Who could reject these beauties?

Constellation of flowers
These lovelies are like a constellation of flowers, as if the Milky Way had landed on the grass

We’re in a mild enough climate that many plants keep their leaves all year, even for the occasional frost.

I love this stand of bamboo.

And what is this crazy, fluffy tree?

Crazy fluffy tree

But others are just shaking out their spring finery.

Is any green as tender as that of new leaves?
red buds
Red buds blaze against a hard blue sky.

Meanwhile, the river is getting deep. There’s a spot upstream with steps to get across, and I thought the water still barely skimmed over the top, but it’s deeper than it looks. A lot.

The fishermen will show up soon to angle for trout. And in a few months, it will be a trickle, just enough to please the throngs of frogs that bellow all night long.







5 thoughts on “Feast for the eyes

  1. Thanks for this lovely post. I have come more and more to think that the South of France must be the perfect combination of benign climate and lovely living traditions. I long for the slow, easy countryside where food is first in importance. Fresh, organic food, that is. I don’t know if there is enough TIME left in life to savor that for “long enough,” though, so I will just try to make life here in my country be “good enough.” I enjoy life at 7,150 feet elevation in the Rockies. It’s trying to snow right now. Ahh…Springtime in the Rockies!


    1. The climate is indeed benign. Life seems slower in part because success isn’t defined by a paycheck but by contentment. So it’s about family and friends rather than stuff. Life revolves around family, which often means meals, which means food.
      And the food is good. My impression is that even when it isn’t outright organic, the amount of products on produce is minimal. You can find the same kinds of supermarkets as in the U.S., but here the farmers markets are cheaper.


  2. It does look Babette’s Feast-ish. Which always makes me think of blinis. I only found out this year that Karen Blixen wrote it!!!!


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