Antique or vintage cars are called ancêtres. Clubs for the owners of antique vehicles are quite popular. The owners dress up, often in the dress of the period of their vehicle, and go for a rally. It’s quite a sight to see a parade of these cars toodling through town.

They also bestow their beauty on events like local festivals. The photos here were taken mostly at the Carnaval of Limoux and the Marché des Sens in Villegly.

The front and back views of an MG, above….

Above, a Peugeot 203, left; a Renault Caravelle, top right; a Simca Aronde, bottom right. Below, a pair of Citroën Tacots…..

Not sure of the marque of the blue beauty below left, but the yellow one is a Citroën B2 Torpedo, and below it a Panhard.

They don’t make ’em like they used to!

16.Triumph intérieur
Interior of a Triumph

2 thoughts on “Les Ancêtres

  1. How fabulous are these cars! I often think I should have been young (indeed alive) when these cars were on the road. A few years ago, we were at the Château d’Usée where there was an amazing défilé des ancêtres. We couldn’t get our husbands away from them and inside the castle. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.


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