A big hit, for taste and nutrition

If your kid likes a vegetable, serve it.

It’s the second rule of parenting, right after “Never wake a sleeping baby.”

I love vegetables, but beets never made the list of my favorites. However, when your kid declares that beets are delicious and is excited when they’re on the school lunch menu, it’s time to give them another try.

I did the diced and steamed version, like they serve at school. The kid ate them up. The adults, not so thrilled.

IMG_0360I did beet slaw, similar to carrottes râpées often served in restaurants and at school, though I dressed it with vinegar and oil rather than mayonnaise. It was OK, but very…beety.

So colorful!

I decided to try something else. We often have a very American kind of chopped salad, which my kid and I love but not my husband. Like many people here, he has an aversion to raw vegetables. To him (and judging by restaurant menus, he isn’t alone), a salad is a bowl of lettuce. You can garnish it with slices of dried duck breast, goose gizzards, foie gras, ham, hard sausage and/or bacon chunks, but DO NOT add other raw vegetables! Maybe a wedge or two of tomato. A thin slice of cucumber, peeled and seeded, might pass, or, more likely, be shoved to the side of the plate like a limp leaf of parsley.

When we entertain, I always do a plate of crudités with ranch dip. It’s a huge hit. But it’s true that French guests stick to the carrots and cherry tomatoes while the peppers and cucumbers languish. It’s mind-boggling because the vegetables here are fantastic.

Acceptable to an 11-year-old

Anyway, I decided to do a chopped salad with with beets, along with other vegetables that wouldn’t look disgusting once tinted with beet juice. Speaking of beet juice, wear an apron so you don’t ruin your clothes!

IMG_0370I use a shallot—milder than onion. Green onions or scallions also could work. You’ll see that I consider recipes to be general suggestions and not at all something to follow to the letter.

IMG_0374The secret ingredient is Maggi seasoning sauce. I was introduced to it recently at the home of a Belgian friend who’s a fabulous cook. She used it in her salad dressing and it gave a little hit of umami. It’s one of those things where a tiny bit has a big effect. It looks like you can get it on Amazon.

Here’s the recipe:

Beet and veggie salad

1 beet a little bigger than fist-size

3-5 carrots

1 red pepper (optional)

1 shallot

1 cup corn (we don’t have frozen around here so I use a small can)

2 cups red kidney beans

Olive oil

Red wine vinegar

Maggi arome saveur

Peel the beet and carrots. Grate them with a box grater or a food processor.

Mince the shallot and pepper.

Drain and rinse the beans.

Drain the corn.

Put everything in a big bowl and toss. Season with a little sea salt and pepper. I circle three times quickly with the olive oil, and once with the vinegar (I never measure). Then I give two or three shakes of Maggi seasoning sauce.

I also make a version substituting red quinoa for the corn and beans. Either one gives you protein and lots of fiber.

I cook the whole package and freeze what I don’t use, to save time later

Do you eat beets?

7 thoughts on “Eat a beet

  1. I love beets and often do carottes et betteraves rapées. At the moment beetroot and other new season spring vegetables are sensationally good. Yesterday in a lively bar I was served a platter of batons of raw beetroot, carrot, kohlrabi and black radish with two dips. It was fabulous. Who know raw kohlrabi was delicious? I’ve never even eaten it cooked, much less raw! This is the sort of thing you can only serve if the vegetable is of the highest quality, young and fresh, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the root vegetables right now are particularly yummy and fresh. Time to enjoy, while we wait for tomatoes.
      When I went back to Kenya after many years away, I bought a peeler and went to a market and got a bunch of carrots. They are SO GOOD there. Sweet and juicy. I dreamed of Kenyan carrots all those years I was gone.


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