25. Salon actuel tomettes 1
Tomettes…gorgeous when buffed to a shine

I cannot believe how many hours it took to choose tile. Even knowing exactly what I wanted (or maybe because I knew exactly what I wanted).

Most of the apartment has terra cotta tile, known as tomettes, on the floors. Since our building is historically classified, we are required to keep the original tomettes as long as less than 30% are broken (and then we have to replace them with antique tiles that match—not easy to find, and if you do, they’re extremely expensive). They weren’t into parquet floors around here, at least not until later.

Cuisine sol 2
Not in good shape.

The original kitchen had been covered with black and white checkerboard linoleum, which we discovered hid tomettes underneath.

Yet they look so gorgeous here! Photo from Pinterest

In the entry and the middle room, plastic flooring covered the tomettes. We’re having all of it restored.

However, we do have two bathrooms, two WCs and two kitchens to tile—we are splitting the 2,000-square-foot space into two apartments. So many decisions! Here are the winners, all from Spanish tile company Mainzu:

In the first kitchen:

I’m a big fan of Spanish-style azulejos. This is the Lucena design for the backsplash, with the frieze, shown right, above it.

Kitchen 2In the second kitchen–the big one:  Victorian Deco for the backspash, with the frieze just along the top (shown at the right here going all the way around). It’s such a huge room, there’s a vast expanse of tomettes. I think this will work great.

SDB1In the first bathroom,  the walls will have Centro Nou going up about six feet, with the Cenefa Victorian Nou frieze at the top and Victorian Azul (which picks up just the blue in a solid) on the floor.

In the first WC, the same Centro Nou, this time on the floor.

In the second bathroom, white beveled metro tiles (it was pointed out to me that in the Parisian metro, the tiles are beveled, so please don’t call them subway tiles. Wrists slapped! Ouch!). With a black trim running through, like this, below.



On the floor, white octagons with black cabochons, like these:

purple bath_thumb[3]
Via Pinterest
I like that purple, too! But I don’t know whether we’ll be that dramatic. I’m still taking flak over the burgundy WC in our house. Not the drama I’d hoped for.

LucitaniaJust in front of the second bathroom, there’s a former pantry, which is a low, dark hole. We’re making the best of the space by filling it with a sauna. The walls in front of the sauna will be covered with Lusitania, right.

WC2In the second WC, there’s a little niche for the sink, which will be tiled with Florentine Centro and the matching frieze, and the same tile on the floor.

What do you think? Will they stand the test of time, or will they look oh-so-dated in five years?

10 thoughts on “Tile time

  1. I saw you post about your flat in another blog. I can’t wait to see the finished result! It’s exactly my dream, why I came to france, still trying to find the right place!


  2. Bonjour. Tous vos carreaux ( sol ) et vos carrelages ( mur ) sont dans la tendance ( mode ) actuelle et donc sont parfaits. Si ,comme je le pense, ce sont des carreaux-ciments, votre décoration intérieure sera au top ! Par contre, ce n’ est que mon avis, la peinture violette dans une des salles de bain n’ est pas adaptée. Une tonalité plus neutre dans les tons taupes ( gris ) ou pastels ( bleu ou vert ) serait plus apaisant en prenant son bain. Quand votre aménagement sera fini ,au vu de vos belles photos votre maison sera géniale, digne d’ un palace ! Vous allez faire des envieux…


    1. Merci Philippe! J’ai penché pour les carrelages classique, comme j’ai vu dans beaucoup de vielles maisons pendant notre cherche d’un propriété à acheter. La violette n’est pas chez nous, mais ça me plait!


  3. Very sadly I got an email recently from our local terracotta tile manufacturer that the factory is going into liquidation. It was listed as heritage approved.

    I considered the metro tiles for our kitchen, but in the end we went for flat square white tiles.

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