For their own protection
For their own protection

(How many puns can I come up with for my headlines? Answer: an infinite number.)

The thing about buying a furnished property is that you have to do something with the furniture while you’re renovating. The more the furniture and/or the bigger the renovation, the more it’s an issue.

Since our place is on an upper floor in a building with no elevator (duh….it’s from the 1600s), and our middle-aged backs aren’t up for moving gigantic solid-wood antiques down (and then back up) stairs, AND since we have no place to store said furniture even if we had moved it out, we had one solution:


The painter is a pro at this. He has all the right stuff. The furniture now is huddled in the middle of rooms, so the workers can get around it. Most of the renovation involves the walls—running new wiring, for example. When we get to the floors, we’ll have to shift the furniture from room to room, but at least no stairs will be involved.

Cushioning our precious tomettes
Cushioning our precious tomettes

Even the floor was involved. That wall on the left in the photo is about to be demolished and we don’t want it to crack any of our ancient tiles.

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